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Skyripper Balancing Announcement:

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 2:44 pm
by Socrates
Skyripper Balancing Announcement: 

The new vehicle 'Skyripper Loyalist (L)'  which is crafted from a blueprint received in the 'Get Stel V.I.P. Status' mission chain on Next Island, has been released with the incorrect item stats. The mission chains were approved, and activated, however it was determined that the 'Skyripper Loyalist (L)'  item stats required additional adjustments to maintain balance within the EU economy and these missions were not switched off as intended before the latest VU. In an effort to prevent distribution of an item based on the currently incorrect stats, the 'Get Stel V.I.P. Status' quest have been temporarily deactivated.

Next Island and MindArk have discussed the options of decreasing the speed, acceleration and responsiveness of the Skyripper, or, adding a movement decay factor of 1PEC per KM that will also include a 1PEC active fuel consumption reduction. After careful review and discussion, Next Island has elected to apply the movement decay factor, to maintain the speed, responsiveness and 'fun factor' of the Skyripper, while also maintaining economic balance in the Entropia vehicle market. 

A Hotfix for this adjustment will be scheduled in the coming weeks, and the associated mission chains will be reactivated at that time. Individuals part way through this quest at the time of deactivation will be able to continue from the same point in which they left off once the quest is reactivated. Existing 'Skyripper Loyalist (L)'s will have the new stats applied retroactively.