Deliver us from the dark queen

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Deliver us from the dark queen

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hi sorry to bother you about this but I finished the first part of the mission, collect vellum, blood of the gods and block chisels, handed them in. did the waypoints of estates, and the collecting 3 items, got into the wave and completed kill the gorgon. I had to talk to aegeus, but when i accepted the next quest i had a feeling i didn't write down the quest info (i did as i took a screenshot) but when i abandoned the quest and tried to retake it it started me back at the beginning. But this time round vellum and blood of the gods will not drop. I think this might be a bug. just means I cant complete that part of the mission. I can do the gorgon shade missions and i still have access to the gorgon wave area.

(i also sent a ticket so sorry if this is information you are already aware of)

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