Who Dis??

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Who Dis??

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Monkey's, monkey's everywhere but who is who.

Welcome to another monkeyin' event! How good are you at recognizing people, even if they are a monkey?!? Well we're about to find out.


Join us at Thebes Amphitheatre In Ancient Greece.
/wp [Ancient Greece, 36428, 20628, 118, Amphitheatre]
Date:15th May 2021
Time:17:00 MA time

HONI Society Hosts:
IGN: Ekimose Desnago Born
IGN: David Draxar Born
IGN: Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
IGN: Alek Gozzy Abernor

Brace yourself for the details:

How good are your guessing skills, are you telepathic or just know who is who by staring at them? Well, we have an event for you, our very first 'Papoo Guess Who' game. \o/
During this event it will consist of 10 rounds. Each round there will be 3 papoo hosts: Eki, Draxar, Gozzy. you will get ONE guess per round. Your guess will look like this in local: 1.Eki 2.Draxar 3.Gozzy.
There will be a short intermission each round so that the host can revive and get back to the theatre to set up again. There will be a human game show host on hand to keep you entertained and make sure everyone is behaving themselves. Cat will act as your Human Host for this event.
See image below for the order of papoos (1-3 from left to right)


BE WARNED There may be a Wild Card round, this will be announced in local before it happens, at that point you must guess which 2 of the three are nominated hosts.

Some rules:
Basic rules but important ones
  • You MUST stay within the Amphitheatre main area during the event. If you leave while the hosts are setting up the round it will be classed as cheating and you will be frozen out of that round
  • You may only have ONE guess per round, your first guess will be your only guess. Please use this format 1.(person you think monkey 1 is) 2.(person you think monkey 2 is) 3.(person you think monkey 3 is) monkeys will be numbered from left to right as seen in the picture
  • Please can you sign up with you IGN on this thread. We also take in game sign ups for those that don’t have a forum account or trouble signing up there. (We plan to hand out participation rewards and also it will make it easier for us on the day to set up.)
  • You MUST remain on the white part of the stairs: from the bottom to the top, until the monkeys have lined up and the human host says you can inspect the monkeys. AFTER guessing you MUST return to the stairs for the results.
This will be a point system, each correct guess will earn you points
0 Correct: 0 points
1 Correct: 1 point
2 Correct: 3 points
3 Correct: 5 points

HOWEVER be warned:
On the Wild Card round there is potential to lose a point.
If one of your guesses turns out to be the Wild Card you will lose 1 point. Your points cannot go below 0. So if you have no points you will not lose any.

The scores will be totalled at the end and the top 3 will win the prizes. If, however, there are two more with the same score then a bonus round will commence. To determine the top three, papoo related questions will be asked, each one will add 1 point to the first to answer until we have our top three.

1st Place:
  • Rinoa Bikini (F,C) Blueprint QR 0.01
  • Hoplite Thigh Armor (C) TT 1.00 ped
  • Regeneration Chip 1 (L) (full TT 7.00 ped)
  • Modec VXT 100 (L) TT 0.96
2nd Place:
  • Mankini (M, C) Blueprint QR 0.01
  • Trojan Breastplate TT 2.00 Ped
  • Decorative Magic Flower TT 1.20 ped
  • Modec VXT 100 (L) TT 0.96
3rd place:
  • Elysians’ Tropical Top (C) Blueprint QR 0.01
  • Athenian Tunic (C) TT 1.50 ped
  • Fanoos Medical V1 (L) Full TT 0.05
  • Modec VXT 100 (L) TT 0.96
The Modec VXT 100 (L) were donated by Viesulas darkaLT McKenzee. Thank you so much for supporting our event ^^

Everyone who took part will receive a participation prize, this will include: Lofven Papoo, Hematite Crystal, Cyclops Pouch, Cyclops Wrist Guard and in honour of Jo's Missing emissaries event, Minotaur Head
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by cat1000er »

Signed up:
(to sign up reply on this thread with your IGN or message one of the hosts in game, Ekimose Desnago Born, David Draxar Born, Alek Gozzy Abernor or Pollianna cat1000er Fairling.)
  • Jo Johaoninho90 jo
  • Brianna Bri Vision
  • Zilestian Zessti Dru
  • Kulas Hudy Kulas
  • Beni Mons Benjoue
  • Nakor of Boreft
  • Anet Dot Bewise
  • Auberon Night Night
  • Den Mordor Dark
  • Pavel CaptainMorgan Fomenko
  • Edward Illier Illier

Hey all sorry it was crazy last night with the lag and trying to figure out scores. I made some errors while logging the score so I went through the chat log from last night to double check the scoring. As awards have been handed out I will compensate on top of the rewards, you can keep what you have been given unless you tell me you wish to swap for the reward you were suppose to get.

New Winners order.

First Place
Auberon Night Night 22 points
-extra items-
[Hoplite Thigh Armor (M,C)]
[Regeneration Chip 1 (L)] tt 6.43

Second Place
Beni Mons Benjoue 20 points

Third Place
Zilestian Zessti Dru 15 points

Pavel CaptainMorgan Fomenko 13 points
Den Mordor Dark, Anet Dot Bewise 12 points
Jo Johaoninho90 jo 11 points
Kulas Hudy Kulas 8 points
Nakor of Boreft 6 points
Edward Illier Illier 5 points
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by Johaoninho »

woot woot :D

sign me up pls : Jo Johaoninho90 jo
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by BriVision »

I would like to sign up :D
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by Zesstidru »

As long as nothing wierd happens rl I will join for sure :)
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by Hudy »

I'd like to participate too Kulas Hudy Kulas
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by benibeni »

8-) May you sign me in please 8-)
8-) 8-) Regeneration Chip 1 (L) (full TT 7.00 ped) be mine! :lol:
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by Nakor »

No side effects from the vaccine (unless I grow a monkey tail tonight)

So, I would love to join!

IGN: Nakor of Boreft
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Re: Who Dis??

Post by Dot »

I would like to join as well :)
IGN: Anet Dot Bewise

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