How to optimize your gameplay

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How to optimize your gameplay

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Hello, i started this thread to share some basic info to starters, i am not expert so please feel free to correct me or tips with better optimizations ways of playing.

The beginning:

The first thing to do before starting the missions of starters or going wilde and shoot every Moving mobs is to find a Mentor.
Why find a mentor? The mentor will guide you but above all will allow you to start your mentoring. If you start your mentoring at the very beginning you will be able to use the starter freebies (ammunitions, weapons, finders, probes) and you will be able to start skilling for free and progress in your mentoring from the start.
How to find a mentor? The quickest way to find a mentor is to join the #Rookie chat for then send a message in which you introduce yourself and wonder if someone could become your mentor.
As soon as you finish your mentoring, you will receive MKI Explorer (L) and a full Adjusted armor/ME armor.

But do not do hunt, mine, craft just to skate the mentoring, Optimize your efforts for quests and missions that give you rewards.
Killing Mobs, Mining, Crafting etc...will give you Loot/Resources.
Do not sell your resources at the Trade Terminal price, find out about the use of the resources you have. Some are requested in missions, others for crafting, tier updgrading etc... Once you know what are the uses of your resources you can start to sort and try to sell the ones you do not need and keep the one you need. (check wikientropia to search the use of the resource)
Then if you have resource you don't need and want to sell it, you can join trading chats in the game (#Trade #calytrade #arktrade etc ...) and you can post messages about your sales offers. You can also create a "Selling" thread on forums like and others ... each planet has a forum. Try to sell your resources with Markup aka MU in order to get more than the Trade Terminal.

When you are stuck because mission are more difficult, then move to another planet and start the starters missions there etc..
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Re: How to optimize your gameplay

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Thank you for this. There is some great advice in here for new players. Don't forget we also have our Next Island Academy we are working on:

- Socrates

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