Looking for Enhancer and Mining Amp supplier/crafter

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Looking for Enhancer and Mining Amp supplier/crafter

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Currently just bought a shop/booth and looking for suppliers so, I can offer the products in the shop/booth. I wasn't sure if this was the location to post this. :p alrighty here it goes!

Currently looking specifically for someone that can craft weapon damage enhancers 9-10 maybe accuracy 2 but, most important are the damage enhancers. Im already picking up a decent customer base so, should keep you busy. Also, looking for Mining Amp D-Class.

Now what can you expect? well like the title say im looking for a supplier specifically. So, if you want to sell the product for exactly what you sell it in the AH or post it for in trade thats not what im looking for since a supplier doesnt do the leg work. im looking to alleviate that for you so, you save urself time and hassle of trading/throwing things in the AH that might not sell. with that in mind, im still new to have the shop so, idk exact number that our relationship will need to produce/demand. but, I can say im in a primo location for where I am and looking to expand if it continues to do well! currently looking for the perfect crafter to work with. send me a pst in here or in game - Ace FireFirst Williams and we can hopefully come to an arrangement on building a great shop/booth and possibly more!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to our further business!

Also, id like to start out buying 100 of each damage enhancer and see where that takes us - as for amps id like 10 til we determine to fill the needs til we can determine the demand

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