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Crystal Peak Shop

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I was wondering if Crystal Peak Shop is for sale or when it will be available in the future. [Next Island, 136776, 83399, 176, Waypoint]

I host shops in RT/FOMA/Ark/Monria (Beast's Department Store). I would love to add NI specific items to our crafting repitore and help support the community by buying hunting/mining loot. We are currently able to produce anything and everything in the Armatrix series / Herman series / Pulsar seires and most RT+ARK armor sets in addition to a wide variety of vehicles and mining tools/amps.

Our goal is to help you minimize trips off planet by supplying exactly what you need for very cheap markup .That we everyone wins.

My heart is set on this location; however I am still open to getting something in Serpentine if it this shop is unavailable. Looking forward to joining and supporting the community.


Mike BeastClown Fed

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