Helping On Next Island - Events and fun

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Helping On Next Island - Events and fun

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Hello dear islanders,


I want to use this thread to present our society to you. Maybe some of you know us already, we were more active a few years ago, with the old forum and all.

We also like to give directions to newcomers, but we weren't there for a long time, and most of the time, we can't really answer questions anymore. We'll get back on track with this soon I hope. We used to welcome lost souls that appeared at Crystal Center and guide them into the game, with the help of the very discreet Claire HereToHelp Martin, that gave them homemade "quests", rewarding them with items !

Now, there are a lot of quests, and a lot of people who know what's what on the island. I think we'll mainly focus on events. Also on sweat. We TRY to buy 10K sweat every week-end, at SSI price, to boost things up a bit. We started very recently, and for now we did that only 2 weeks in a row.


Some of you may remember some fun events we held in the past. Including : Naked Ancient Greece Olympic Games (Marathon, Endurance, Treasure Hunt, Final PVP at Warrior Peak), Water Race, HONI Hunts, Quizzes.
We hosted only a few events, but we always tried to put something fun and original in them. We also like to give rewards for participating or winning. We usually had very good feedback.

More importantly, we don't have any picture or videos of past events... if you people took some, feel free to post them below :)
We only have one thing : full video of a Theater play we made in Ancient Greece's Thebe Amphitheater ! (see link of youtube channel below)


We plan on doing some events every now and then, like Hunts, some little quizzes, maybe another Olympic Games in AG some day.. But we've been bothered by the fact that's it's not possible to put items on the ground anymore. Maybe we could work something out with an estate owner?
We also try to buy some sweat at good price from time to time.

Stay tuned on this forum ! Every event will be announced here.


We are always searching for sponsors, as we love to host events, but we can't do anything when our PED cards are dry.
Thank you for everyone that has supported us already, anonymously or not. It means a lot.
You can always also help us with logistics. Feel free to PM me or Ekimose ingame. (David Draxar Born and Ekimose Desnago Born)

We are wanting to implement new ways of supporting, without actually giving PED or items.
We created a Youtube account that can receive BAT. BAT are Brave Attention Token, you get them for browsing the internet with Brave Browser. We missed the train for creating a referral link for Brave.

If you want to support us, you can download Brave Browser (no referral link, unfortunately)
then, when you have accumulated one BAT, you can donate it to : (link to Youtube channel)
You can set up automatic donation, like 1BAT per month. It seems little, but it can be enormous if many people do it.

This way, you could support us without having anything else to do than browsing. Everything would be automatic. And you would get PEDs back for it :

We plan on giving back 50% do the donation back to the players that helped us. We'll set up a public spreadsheet on Google Drive for this. People making a BAT donation should contact me ingame. They will receive a secret identification number that only us will keep track of. This way, the public sheet will be made anonymous, but also public, and you'll be able to watch if we kept track of your donations. If you feel anonymity has been broken, you can request a change of this number at anytime, a new one will be generated for future use.
I won't lie, the cashback won't be enormous. You could get something like 10PED/month top doing this, and it's if you use Brave on multiple devices.
But then, that would also mean 10PED for events ! And you could participate in those. And it would be all automatic.

Supporting us can also be easy : you can join us, propose new ideas to us, propose to host events... We'll consider anything.

  • TWITCH ?

We're kind of thinking about opening a Twitch Channel. Please, feel free to tell us what you think about this, and what we could do ? Would you like to see our avatars just playing the game normally ? Would you like to see special events happening on Twitch ? Would you like to see our faces ? :P
We'd like your thoughts on this. We're not sure. For now, what I know is : if this BAT thing works, I'll post a video on our Youtube Channel, explaining things more thoroughly and thanking you.


We like to consider this society as an entity we respect. We will never steal anything from it, not one pec, not one item. What is given to it is given to it. I own a little company IRL, and I like to consider this society exactly the same way.
For this reason, we tried to put up a public spreadsheet where anyone can keep track of our finances. It's not perfect yet, as we did not keep track of every item since the beginning, but we try to work on it :


Thank you for reading this long post :D Also, thank you for everyone that are giving us feedback, and thank you for your support. The islanders have been very kind with us in overall, and it has often been heartwarming.

See you around !
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Re: Helping On Next Island - Events and fun

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