a NPC to get (stuck) people back to NI

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a NPC to get (stuck) people back to NI

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Hey, again today, a player said he was stuck in AG. I think it's a very frustrating problem for players. As they can be stuck there for a day or more.
It has been discussed already, and I understand that the problem is you should be sure to get a TP properly before using it from a distance.

That being said, wouldn't it be possible to quick-fix this until another solution is found ?

Like, for example, adding a teleportation thing, that could automatically do what a NI official has to do when someone is stuck ? Like, that thing would immediately teleport us back to NI cave. Maybe an item or an NPC that could do that when triggered ? This could be next to the teleporter or something.
This item/NPC could have a very obvious name, so stuck players that are here at a lonely time could easily understand they can TP back using it.

Of course another temporary quick-fix could be to give the possibility for a player to get back from AG to an other NI TP than Orpheus Cave. a TP that everyone has. I think we all have Paradise Landing when we get on the planet ?

Thank you for reading me.