28 Hours Free heal at Next Island sweat circle

Greetings Next Island settlers!

We are organizing a 4-day Sweat Circle event on Next Island. All throughout the event, you will get a chance to sell sweats for 2PED/1K Sweat.

The event will last for up to 7 hours each day and free healing will be offered for the entire duration. After the event each day, the first 25 people who joined the event team can sell 1K Sweat for 2PED.

Everyone is welcome. Come and have fun with us!

Event Schedule:
September 26th - 12:30-15:00 / 16:00-20:30 MA Time(UTC)
September 27th, 28th, and 29th - 12:30-19:30 MA Time(UTC)

On the first day, the event will take a break around 15:30 MA Time(UTC) to give time for the SI Event and will resume right after.

[Next Island, 136873, 83417, 105, Waypoint]
Crystal Peak Sweat Circle

Event Organizer: Renato U31REN Mastrorocco
Event Streamer: Astrid Maude Clementine
Stream link: Twitch

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Thanks. The official thread is 28hrs Total Free Heals at Next Island Sweat Circle Your help is much appreciated.