Kimmi's Sweat Circle NEXT EVENT:4/6 Wednesday 22:00-23:00 MA TIME

Hi Next Islanders :slight_smile:

I will be hosting a series of sweat circle events where you will not only receive free heals, but as a bonus to help players I will buy sweat from team members for 3 ped per 1k. 1k sweat max per person.

NEXT EVENT:4/6 Wednesday 22:00-23:00 MA TIME

LOCATION: Bottom of Crystal Peak Teleporter (Sweat Area)

Please post your FULL ingame name here to register.

To qualify you must attend at least 40 minutes and present until the end.

It is your responsibility to make yourself known when you arrive and at the end of the event if you arenโ€™t in the team.

Anyone not in the team you MUST post your full name here or PM me your FULL name so there can be a record.

Anyone can earn the ability to sell sweat for 3 ped per 1k(1k sweat max per person), however to prevent abuse, in order to sell sweat you must be registered in this thread with your FULL ingame name.

reserve the right to modify any part of the event at any time.


Nice event, I am here :smiley:

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Lovely event :slight_smile: ty :smile:

Angelina Slippery DiGriz

Thanks for attending the event everyone!

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Eyy Next Island events are back! Please register me Iโ€™ll be there: Vash Hawkeye Leon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks everyone for attending the sweat event!

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hello i would like to register for future events please
Lafiel Rose Lily

Thanks for attending event today.

Sunday or 7/31 ? Im confused.

Thanks everyone for attending event. Sorry for confusion about date.

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Thanks for attending sweat event.

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Sign me up for today! :grinning:

Thanks for attending sweat event.

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Fun event today. Thanks for everyone attending. :grinning:

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Nakor of Boreft iโ€™m there

Am here, sweat in hand.

Yoba Gadta Bobcod On the place in circle :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for attending event.

Fun time sweating with everyone :grinning:

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