BIG Industries Free hunt on Spartan Training Grounds

On Saturday 3 September 2022 @ 19:00 we had our first BIG Industries sponsored hunt on Spartan Training Grounds.
With 10 hunters culling chimera’s there was sure to be some action and sure enough we had action.
It started of slowly but started to changed when Reb hit an 89ped global followed by Markus with a 55ped global a few minutes later.
But then we seemed to settle with no more action until DannyGo hit an awesome 2182 PED global making him the winner of the first hunt event.

The official winners is then
DannyGo - 1st Place with 2182ped
Reb - 2nd place with 89ped
Markus - 3rd with 55ped

We will be holding these hunt events every week going forward.
Any feedback from players on Next Island is appreciated and will be taken in to account.
Hope to see you there next time

@ BIG Industries

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