Community Recognition Program 2023 (CRP23) - Rules

Notice: I am sad I have to add this but I expected people to behave like adults and not like children with tantrums. This program aims to add to the game and community and if your submission is not contributing but rather being in poor taste and creating conflict then remember the Dumbledore rule. I will simply disqualify you for the event this year.
If you do not like it or me for doing it that is fine with me.
If you do not like the event then do not take part.

This is the official new rules for CRP23.

Thank you to all who contributed to the refinement of the program.

Further refinement could happen during the evnt should a situation arise that requires it.

The NI dev are committed to ensuring that CRP is a fun and rewarding alternative mission for players who invest time and energy into the Next Island community




Start date: May1, 2023

Date of last submission: November 30, 2023

Closing date for evaluations is December 10, 2023 (This means videos earning views etc)

Monthly submissions starts on the 1st day and ends on the last day of the relevant month at midnight.

The event will be based on CET (Central European Time).

Issuing of armor and vehicles will only be done at the end of the event starting December 15, 2023

Important Changes

Lore has been upgraded to mission writing based on the lore or stories you have in mind. (See relevant section for more details)

Only 1 mission needs to be written in a month (focus on quality not quantity)

One qualifying mission could be awarded the overall win and be written into the game.

Events can no longer be sweat events

Event points will be on a sliding scale based on number of attendees

Events must be unique to the entrant. Copying of events is not allowed.

Video content has specific categories and only videos under these categories will qualify.

Scoring will take into account views, likes and developer review of quality etc

Streaming hours has been reduced with a greater focus on engaging, quality content.

No afk crafting, macro hunting or paid viewers will qualify

General Notes

Balancing points: Additional points earned in certain months can at devs discretion be used to fill in for months you are short of points. This will be handled on a case by case review.

Submission Language: With my native language English it does mean my ability to speak Russian is zero. Please do videos, streams etc in English if possible. Or assist with translation. Youtube has a built in function to do subtitles and translate those however foreign language streams I am finding tricky. Unless someone has a solution this will be a hurdle.

Wheaton’s Rule

If your event, video content, stream or mission is found to be tasteless, derogatory, pornographic or otherwise found to be offensive it will be disqualified and deleted.

Dumbledore Rule:

CRP23 wants to promote unique submissions and award real effort. Bonus points can be awarded for any submission in any category based solely on our discretion. And entire submissions or contestants can be disqualified for unbecoming behavior or trying to stir trouble.

Inner Peace

Should you have a problem with a score, submission or rule, contact me directly on discord and we can discuss and resolve.

Karen Rule

You are not forced to take part or maliciously denied access to the rewards.

The rules are here to reduce or remove options for exploits.

By participating you agree to adhere to the rules as they are and not attack the event or the developers or creating drama for your amusement

Leader board

A record will be kept on the forum of all participants, their submissions and points earned updated regularly.


Please register at the start of the event posting your full in game avatar name and what submissions you plan to do.

This is especially important for claiming your event so a description of your event should be added

Streamers or video content creators please add a link to your channel

Duplicate event claims will be resolved through review and discussion to determine who had the idea first


A submission thread will be made for each month the same as before. With missions being sent directly to me ensure I receive it in time to count and you post in the submission thread that it has been sent and the mission title.

Quest Writing


Write/create a story mission/quest in the spirit of the Next Island lore.

Write ONE mission each month that complies to the guidelines below.

For a mission to remain secret so that the inclusion of the winning mission is not spoiled by everyone already knowing the ending these missions can be submitted to me directly and claimed under the claim thread with reference to the submission. Please send to me on discord or here as a pdf file

The best mission submitted over the entire course of the event will be included into the game.

Disclaimer: We may opt to select no winner if none of the missions meets our criteria

It may have to be rewritten somewhat and adjusted if needed but credit will be given to the player who wrote it. I will work with the winning player and Circe to adjust or rewrite the mission(aiming for as little changes as possible). The winner will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of mission creation.

Guidelines and hints:

Read up on Next Island lore - Lore

(There are a number of videos and other information about Next Island from the time of its launch that you can also look at.)

Should your mission be in AG read up on Ancient Greek history and the myths relating to this Ancient Greece (Remember that this is an alternate version of Ancient Greece)

Having a depth of understanding of the background will help you create a better mission.

Consider your target players. f2p or depositors, lvl of player, profession etc

Missions that involve community co-operation is encouraged but not required

Lore rich missions with puzzles or mysteries using the existing environment in new creative ways is the main target but the content is up to you

A helpful video on mission writing Bad Writing - Why Most Games Tell Bad Stories - Extra Credits - YouTube

Mission Backstory

Write a backstory for your mission of 200 words or more explaining the mission itself.


Each NPC to be described in terms of male/female, name given and a short description of the person and any other relevant information.

Location where they are to be placed given as waypoint

Clothing to wear if this is relevant. Remember to stay with existing clothes.


Write out the complete dialogues for interactions with NPC’s

Dialogue must be easy to read and not long drawn out affairs

Write the mission

The entire mission step by step must be detailed in something like how a storyboard for a movie would play out (Do not need an actual storyboard though you are free to make one)


You are looking at around 1000 words all in all or more (This is a guide not a locked number)


No new content in terms of mobs, items that need modeling, clothing, dungeons, locations, blueprints or anything else I forgot to add will qualify for the win to be entered into the game.

Such submissions can only qualify for the armor piece.

Only need 1 submission per month per player

Must be detailed and comply to the guidelines above

Must be well written with good English (The game is English so please do not debate this point)

You may submit a separate mission each month or continue on with the initial mission in 7stages providing you stay with the content guidelines during each submission

New NPC’s and changes to an area may be added to your mission

For this competition no iron missions, simple go fetch missions or fedex missions will be accepted. Mission must be story based and may include a mystery to solve, or a puzzle although not required.


Quality - 9

Compliance - 9

Originality - 9

Practicality - 7

Overall Impression - 8

Total - 42

Note that we will be especially hard on this section. Mission writing sounds easier than it is so be very sure you are ready for this.


Submit the mission to me as a pdf file on discord including your full in game name and add a claim in the submission thread with your name and the mission name.

Quest Writing Guidelines


1.Adherence to game lore: The mission should be consistent with the world, characters, and rules established in the game. It should not contradict established canon or mechanics.

2.Creativity and originality: The mission should offer a fresh take on the game world and present unique challenges that engage the player’s imagination.

3.Writing quality: The mission should be well-written, with clear and concise prose, engaging dialogue, and effective pacing.

4.Character development: The mission should feature interesting characters that the player can find real

5.Gameplay design: The mission should offer a satisfying gameplay experience that balances challenge, exploration, and action.

6.Integration of game mechanics: The mission should make use of the game’s mechanics, such as combat, stealth, puzzles, or dialogue, in interesting and effective ways.

7.Flow and coherence: The mission should have a clear structure and flow that leads the player through the various tasks and waypoints in a logical and satisfying way.

8.Use of storytelling elements: The mission should make use of storytelling elements such as setting, conflict, plot twists, and resolution to create an engaging and memorable experience for the player.

9.Player agency: The mission should offer the player meaningful choices and consequences that affect the outcome of the story.

10.Overall enjoyment: Ultimately, the mission should be an enjoyable and memorable experience that leaves the player feeling satisfied and eager for more.




No sweat events.

Sweating can be included as part of a bigger event as long as only a small portion of the event is committed to sweating.

Advertise your event on the forum with a post well before the event giving a time and date of the event and description(not in the submission thread) and include a link to this post when you claim in the submission thread (We may want to some view your events)

Your event must be unique. Post your intended event in the submission thread. In the case of duplicates speak to me to resolve.

Events must be open to any player

A given event may only be submitted by one player. Exception: Larger events coordinated in advance

Event organizers must show a significant effort and investment of time and or costs into their event

Event organizers must take appropriate screenshots of their event, and post them in the thread created for the event to act as evidence. These should include timestamps (by pressing the period key in-game) and showing the players in attendance.

An event must be a minimum of 30minutes to qualify (Races or short hunts will need some creativity to be made longer)

No events that are for the CRP will get any developer assistance(If a dev shows up for such an event it is simply to witness)


Forum advert - 4

Attendees 5 to 9 - 3

Attendees 10 to 15 - 10

Attendees 16 to 25 - 15

Attendees 26 to 41 - 21

Attendees 42 and up - 42 points


You may use the same event during the entire CRP, you are not required a new event design every month

A race is not always the same as another race. Therefore many races may qualify but for example only 1 person may run bumper-car races on the Carnival Island racetrack.

Video content


Video content refers to recorded and edited video posted on a site such as Youtube.

Video content created thus far has been impressive and this has shown us the level of content creation Entropia players are capable off.

Types of videos

The following video types are to be created and submitted. Only videos within these categories will qualify.


A complete instructional guide on for example mining. Explaining the tools, depths, enhancers etc.

Mission walk through

A step by step guide and commentary on a specific mission. If you already completed the mission that is not a problem as long as you follow the same steps as you did originally and show the dialogue as static images

(Suggested to use static dialogue images for clarity and completeness of walkthrough. This is mostly available and if not always free to get a player to do the run through and take screenshots. Be as detailed as you can be to avoid having your video rejected due to incorrect information being shown)


A promo video for an event to be held on Next Island

Or a promo video for Next Island(Note that this topic is by no means forced. If you think this is not good don’t do it)


Recorded activities in game edited and narrated to make a story

Music Video

Make a music video of an event in game or creating new music related to NI added to NI scenes

Video must be between 5min and 25min

Exceptions will be considered if you can support a valid reason for it. Shorter or longer.

Videos must have above 10 Likes and 100 Views to qualify

Videos to be tagged using #NextIsland and #CRP

Video title and description to clearly show what type it is and what mission or event etc it covers

Use one of the Next Island media links as supplied in the media package

Videos must take place on Next Island or Ancient Greece although short parts in the space or elsewhere as would be part of a trip is allowed.

Videos do not have to be family friendly as such, though videos that we consider to be counterproductive to positive community development will not qualify

Gameplay videos does not qualify for CRP ‘23. Gameplay falls under streamers.

Unedited clips of streams do not qualify, NI staff will make a final determination if videos are deemed appropriate to qualify

A single video may only be submitted once, but you may submit any video that has been published during the Community Recognition Program. For example, you may publish a video in April, and by May it has enough likes to qualify, therefore you can submit it for May. This should give you more opportunity to gain organic views and qualify. Any video created and posted for the event from 1 month prior to start until the end of the event will count. Scoring remains open until 1 month after the end of the event for videos posted to gain their required number of views and likes.


Videos that is deemed to qualify by NI Staff will then be scored based on likes and views.

Creativity - 5

Audio visual quality - 5

Content quality - 5

Public review - 5 (100 views and 10 likes)

Bonus points for 200 views and 20 likes will receive 10 points

Videos that exceed 500 views and 55 likes will receive 22 points



Streaming of gameplay is a great way to get others to see the game and possibly wish to try it out. Also a great way for those who already play to see what others do or how the game can be or how an uber hunt looks etc.

So for streaming we are looking for game play streams.

That means actively hunting or mining or running a mission.

Additional point. Stream must be interesting and entertaining. Simply standing there grinding mob kills for hours is not interesting. Yes I understand that is the game but stretch your imagination. There are streamers who make their streams interesting.

Taking part in events or covering an event will also qualify as long as the event complies to the rules of CRP ‘23 and your stream qualifies in terms of your activity as host and time spent streaming

Craft runs will not count for this unless it’s a short part of the video. (no more than 10% of the stream time to be spent crafting

Fruit running not accepted

Streamers are those streaming on Twitch under the Entropia Universe category.

Streamers must be affiliate or reach affiliate during the time of CRP in order to qualify. Failing to do so before end of CRP may disqualify all your streams submitted.

This also means compliance to affiliate rules for your streams


Collaboration streams will be allowed with a max of 2 streamers able to score points. Additional points will be looked at for a collaboration stream such as chemistry and communication between the streamers.

Streams must have an average view rate above 10 people (We validate this through third-party tools which takes average viewers per channel overall).

Streams do not have to be family friendly as such, though streams that we consider to be counterproductive to positive community development will not qualify.

Streams that do not feature active gameplay (AFK streaming) will not qualify

Streams where the avatar stands around while the host uses the time to simply talk for an hour will not qualify

NI/AG Gameplay must be the main focus of the stream, for example, playing another game or other activity with EU in a small window in stream does not qualify

Streams must take place on NI/AG

Streams must enable the “Automatically save broadcasts for up to 7 days(60days for partners, Turbo and Prime Users)”. - Note that you will have to submit your link in time for us to be able to view it or it may be disqualified(Best to post immediately after the stream)

Streams must include the streamer talking about what they are doing and interacting with the viewers

Monetizing your viewers by giving money for watching will disqualify you from the CRP for the entire 2023 program

Tag your stream with #NextIsland and #CRP

Include a media link on your stream as supplied in the media kit

Dual streaming is not allowed. You are not fully engaging your viewers if you are spreading content over 2 platforms simultaneously.

Preference is given to streams on Twitch but it is not the only option.


Engaging content - 2

Overall impression - 2

Audio visual quality - 2

Scoring is per hr

For colab streams points will apply to both


We are looking into twitch drops and the option to develop and use this feature for future CRP events. So while you may feel streamers received no real revamp this year, exciting things are being worked on for you guys we are just running out of time to get it all organized and in place.

Evaluation of Streams



1.Engagement: A good gaming streamer will engage with their audience by reading and responding to comments, creating a community through chat and social media, and interacting with viewers during gameplay.

2.Quality of content: A good gaming streamer will provide high-quality content that is entertaining, informative, and engaging. They may use interesting graphics, sound effects, and animations to enhance their content.

3.Skill level: A good gaming streamer will have a high level of skill in the games they play. They will be able to provide useful insights and strategies to their audience, making the content informative and valuable.

4.Consistency: A good gaming streamer will be consistent in their streaming schedule and content. This means that they stream regularly and provide a predictable schedule for their viewers to follow.

5.Originality: A good gaming streamer will have their own unique style and personality that sets them apart from other streamers. They will not just copy what other streamers are doing but will bring their own ideas and creative content to the table.

6.Entertainment value: A good gaming streamer will provide entertainment value to their viewers through their personality, humor, and interaction with the audience.

7.Production quality: A good gaming streamer will have high production values for their streams, including good lighting, clear audio, and high-quality video. They may use multiple camera angles or graphics to enhance the viewing experience.

8.Community building: A good gaming streamer will create a sense of community among their viewers by fostering a positive environment where people feel comfortable and welcome.

9.By considering these points, you can evaluate a gaming streamer’s content and determine whether they are a good streamer who puts in real effort or just talking nonsense and streaming boring or poor content.

Colab Streaming

Additional to the streaming points listed above

1.Communication: Communication is key in a collaboration, especially when two or more streamers are working together. Evaluate whether the streamers are communicating effectively during the stream, such as giving each other space to speak and not talking over one another.

2.Teamwork: In a collaboration, it is important to work together towards a common goal. Evaluate whether the streamers are cooperating with each other and taking turns to play the game or provide commentary.

3.Chemistry: The chemistry between the two streamers can make or break a collaboration. Evaluate whether the streamers have a good rapport and seem to enjoy working together, making the stream enjoyable to watch.

4.Division of roles: When two or more streamers collaborate, they may take on different roles to make the stream more interesting. Evaluate whether the streamers have divided their roles in a way that makes sense and complements each other’s strengths.

5.Creativity: Collaboration between two streamers can bring new ideas and perspectives to the stream. Evaluate whether the streamers have come up with creative ideas that are unique to their collaboration.

6.Entertainment value: As with a single streamer, entertainment value is crucial in a collaboration. Evaluate whether the collaboration provides entertainment value to the viewers, such as through humor or engaging commentary.

7.Technical aspects: Technical aspects of a stream such as audio and video quality can be more challenging in a collaboration. Evaluate whether the streamers have addressed these challenges and provided a high-quality stream.

8.Engagement with audience: Collaboration can provide a unique opportunity for engagement with the audience, with multiple streamers interacting with viewers. Evaluate whether the streamers are effectively engaging with their audience, such as responding to comments or incorporating viewer suggestions.

General Rules


In order to be awarded an armor piece you will need 42 points for a specific month

You may acquire the points through any or all of the above activities.

A total of 7 x 42 points is required to get all armor pieces

Avatar age. Only avatars born in 2022 and earlier can take part

The quality of your submission or event is the main focus in scoring



Not sure I fully understand this rule:

Please register at the start of the event posting your full in game avatar name and what submissions you plan to do."

If this means that we need to register in this thread, here is what events I plan to do:

In game name: Vidmantas Vill Laukys

Event name for submissions: FREE weekly TREE cutting competition


I will have a thread for registration up soon. I am aware of your event and it is yours as I already said because as I can find out you were the first to start this on NI.


I am SO looking forward to this :wink: I’ve even lined up guest stars!

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I just want to say that some things players have shared thus far really has me excited.
I will open the submission and registration threads soon.
So I am not yet giving anyone official scores or feedback just guidance.