CRP23 Registration Thread

In game name: Vidmantas Vill Laukys

Event name for submissions: FREE weekly TREE cutting competition


Just in case I find time to submit things this year, though I dont plan on fully taking part

IGN: Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
(potentially streaming and collab streaming) :Twitch

(possibly some events, I’ll add details later if i have things planned)

Part of my plans at the moment is to create a Next Island Fashion week (I’ve been planning and talking with people for awhile now. Getting this in now so no one can steal my idea lol)

The fashion week will include 3 different events. One for face masks and makeup (open to both female and male. Men wanna look pretty too!). We will of course do the clothes part these will be only NI/AG clothes. categories will be announced at a later time when the plan is finalised. And there will be a special vehicles category. I will be looking for judges to host (I have 2 at the moment) there will also be a second public opinion vote. done through the forum.

oh also on my reverse prezzy day (28th October) I will be hosting a panic at the disco event where I will get mob pills and people will shoot at the hosts for rewards. I just thought its like a piñata xD (we did this last year and it was a lot of fun)

I want to try mission writing but I know I wont be able to make anything good in time.

Hi Osiris.

Jared WolfStar Moonheimer
Support Host : Soraya Deva Hautiare

Event Cooperation.

  1. Event Creator(+Stream+Video Content, additional)
    “Charity WolfStar Events”

  2. Quest Writing * If time permit’s and Idea will be born worth writing down.

So we take all :heart_eyes:

Crafty Veronica Craft
Registering as a streamer

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Name: Wand AxeMurderer Silva
Categories: Mission/Quest Writting and ASMR

Name: Happy Happyf33tTV feet

I am planning to do free mining sessions for events and streaming mining content on Next Island when I am back from vacation in August.

My discord name: Happyf33t 9336


Seems to me the same as what Vill is doing. Will have to do some changes to make it different please.
You are of course free to run these events just wont count for CRP points.
Seems like a cool event helping players skill for free.
Thank you for running these events I am sure the NI players appreciate it.

Category: Streaming, Collaboration Streaming, Event Category Potential
Channel: TWITCH
IGN: Fire Dbug Fly

Event Category : Scavenger Hunt

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Sure sounds good, I will come up with a different event and post it in the event section and edit this post once I am done. Thanks :smiley: P.S I made some changes to my event, hope this is acceptable :slight_smile:

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Angela Draniie Cloud

Twitch Streamer


Tony K0lb0sa K0lbasters
Twitch \ YT

IGN: hun horus55 wut
Mission writing / stream ( Twitch )

Categories: Mission/Quest Writting
Avatar: Anak Anak-Su-Namun SuNamun

Please supply links to your youtube and twitch channel

Please clarify

A small clarification.
Registering can be done at any time it is not limited to being done before the event starts.

It is intended so we can do the leaderboard and be aware of the streamers and video creators and can follow your work as well as be aware who are doing events or missions to know who to look out for.

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EU IGN: mindaugas minchas kvasiakas
Cat: mission/quest writing

EU IGN: SpikE SpikE Odets

Will be streaming Daily Missions / casual hunting.

Twitch link: Twitch

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I am going to record 10 hours of me sweating so you can sleep better listening to the sound.

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IGN: Auberon Night Night
I will hold weekly rally races.
I will supply the vehicles and fuel and races will cross over rough terrain and pass through mob areas.
Routes and vehicles may change weekly but an overall winner will be crowned.

I may do a mission as well still thinking about that