CRP23 - Submission - June

Time = 4:30 PM Central June 20th - I’ve sent you a message, Osiris. You asked me to post here to remind you to read it. Sorry that it’s a tad long, but it’s well worth the read through.
Let me know the next time you can hand out the armor for May and June (assuming I qualify for june)

I also apologize for not posting in the May redemption thread. I got some wires crossed, and I hope I can still get the armor for May, since the submission did receive full points.

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Avatar name: Artem Inteam Svoikin
category: Streaming
Сhannel: Twitch

  1. Twitch 5h 30m
  2. Twitch 5h 45m
  3. Twitch 3h 40m

Avatar name: mmolatino El-demente youtube
Category: Youtube videos
June links :

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Avatar: Pugnus Amryu Tonitrus
Category: Streaming
Twitch: Amryu

Twitch 24.06.: Twitch (5h)
Twitch 25.06.: Twitch (10h)
Twitch 27.06.: Twitch (9h45min)

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Avatar: Sarah SarahWatson Watson
Catagory: Streaming

Twitch - 2.5 hours
Twitch - 2.5 hours
Twitch - 4.5 hours

Any issues, let me know!

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Avatar: SpikE SpikE Odets
Category: Streaming
Twitch: SpikEOdets
June 2023 submission.

5h 11m Twitch 1
6h 06m Twitch 2

Also collection of Hightlights to keep the video’s here:

Twitch June Collection

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Avatar: Konstantin Avalonis Spiridonov
Category: Streaming
Twitch: Avalonis3d

June 2023 submission.
Twitch 13h
Next Island May 1 CRP - YouTube 11h


Happy Happyf33tTV feet

Total number of participants is 11 for the week 19/06/2023 to 23/06/2023 with screenshots of the results for the mining runs for each player. More info can be found here Happyf33tTV Free Mining Event and Streaming Next Island - CRP23

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Penelope Penny Lane
Streaming Collection For June - Next Island CPR June 2023 #NextIsland #CPR - Total Time 10:10:22

Individual Twitch Streams:
June 17, 2023 - Parrots In Paradise #NextIsland #CRP - Time 28:30
Death Drake Daily
June 17, 2023 - Next Island: Parrots In Paradise Take 2 #NextIsland #CRP - 2:07:00
Con’t Death Drake Daily, Sand Boar Daily, Lesser Elysia Daily, Crafting Eye Patches
June 24, 2023 - Fun In The Sun #NextIsland #CRP - 2:11:50
Sand Boar Daily, Death Drakes, Lesser Elysia Daily
June 25, 2023 - SunDay FunDay #NextIsland #CRP - 2:13:44
C.A.R.E. Daily & Sand Boar Daily
June 28, 2023 - Monkeying Around & Makin’ Parrots #NextIsland #CRP - 3:09:18
Making a Parrot; Gorgon Wave; Chimera, Myrinian, Centaur, Daudaormur & Sand Boar Hunting with a little bit of mining.

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In game name: Vidmantas Vill Laukys
Category: Event creator
4 weekly events, all information in thread:


Din Dindom Dindazzle
Streaming Category
Twitch - Dindom73

Streaming Collection for June 2023 - Total time: 11 hours

June 2023 Next Island CRP submission

New VU #NextIsland #CRP
Drakes n Snakes #NextIsland #CRP
Snakes and Drakes #NextIsland #CRP
Migration…on NextIsland SNEKS #NextIsland #CRP
Monday Vacay #NextIsland #CRP - Part 1 - Dc’d
Monday Vacay #NextIsland #CRP - part 2- dc’d

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A reminder that CRP entries for June close tonight.
Updated scores will be posted in the next few days

Avatar: hun horus55 wut
Category: Mission
Mission Name: What’s that?

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Avatar: Tony K0lb0sa K0lbasters
category: Streaming
Last stream 7:56 h
Twitch chanel


Avatar: Akiyoshi HueLord3000 Hara
category: Videos
June 2023


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Hi there,

Avatar: Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa

This is my June '23 submission:
(Roughly 11 hours)

Any queries, give me a shout :slight_smile:

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Avatar: Steve StevieB Braggs

Entries redone after getting rule clarification:

Over 500 Views & over 55 likes:

Content made prior to clarification (admittedly not as good):

400+ Views 30+ likes

450+ views 30+ likes

300+ views 20+ likes

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Quest/Mission for June2023 sent via discord (Today at 11:50 PM) from Aleph Levi Benzait, document name “NIAG_CRP2023_LOH_June”.

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adding this here before the thread closes xD
Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
collection of the test stream Twitch

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