CRP23 - Submission -May

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For May 2023

Entropia Universe - Next Island делаем Daily Sebastians Mission (Subtitles English, French, Spanish)

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may 2023

please tell me if my videos comply with the rules or do I need to do something to make them work

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Sure ill add screenshots of each player at the end of their mining runs, to show what they found and record the start/end date and number of contestants. I am planning to try do like 3-4 events per week. I want to make regular small events as oppose to one event per week. :smiley:

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EU IGN: Mindaugas minchas Kvasiakas
Cat: Mission/Quest writing
Title: “Hen Party”
Link sent via EU mail

EU mail?
You mean in game?
Please send in here on forum going forward I am not always in game and dont check for event submissions there but will grab it there.
Just for future submissions you can message me on the forum.

Happy Happyf33tTV feet

2nd event - 03/05/2023. Vii and Cat joined today and posted screenshots of their mining runs. Congrats and thanks for joining again. More info on their mining runs on Happyf33tTV Free Mining Event and Streaming Next Island - CRP23 - #2 by happyf33t

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By the way, Osiris, to all of us who send our missions by mail, it would be nice to receive confirmation here or privately that it has been received and is ok.

The leaderboard will be updated by tomorrow and in there it shows the submission.
Scores will be added as well.
I will contact people with feedback if needed.
I have not yet read any missions as I made a point of not reading it before the start of the event.
And been on videos so far and sorting out details with relevant players.

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Streamer, Ricardo Rick Sanchez

Part One, 6:29:11
Part Two, 4:47:17

Angela Draniie Cloud

Finished Moloch Mission chain, hit a 550p+ global on sharks, did some Gorgon wave, dailies and Moloch for the first time! Little bit of mining for Stel vip misison also

Live stream collection - Twitch

Highlight collection Backup - Twitch

Mission sent to Osiris on discord, title “Ain’t No Valley Low On Drakes”
2 music videos, currently low on views but we’ll see

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For May 2023

  • I’ll try to make a video or stream
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Thanks to all for submissions so far I am running behind a little on reviews but will be focused on it for this week so the leaderboard update will follow later this week.

So just in case it counts (haven’t had chance to fully watch it back yet)

IGN: Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
Stream 7th may 2023
(roughly 4 hours and 40-50 mins)
why dont you like the link forum xD

Stream 9 may 2023
NI contents : Twitch
Full stream: Twitch


In game name: Czumbil Mczimi Imre

Stream 11.05.2023 (~11h)
Full stream: Twitch
Stream 12.05.2023 (~6h)
Full stream: Twitch

Will add more today.

Notice to all streamers!!!
Please read the rules. (A few times if you do not understand)
I will not accept a stream of a player running around hunting stuff with music blaring and zero interaction with your viewers.
You are not specifically bound to voice but emoji’s and Hey dude’s or Hows the weather? is not engaging content. However playing while typing is not easy so voice would be the obvious method of interaction.
We reduced the streaming hours massively. With an allowance for bonus points to be earned for excellent streams which would further reduce the hours for some.
And yet the streams are still the same as before. An avatar killing stuff for hours on end with blaring music. Or mining. Fruitwalking. Crafting.

Please reread the rules. A MASSIVE emphasis is on viewer engagement and entertainment value.
Failure to do so will see your stream not qualify.

In response to requests from 2 streamers
You can use chatgpt and ask it for ideas on how to enhance your engagement and entertainment value. I do not require you to be chatting to players the whole time. You can break this silnce with some explaining of what you are doing.
I do encourage you to google for ideas, use chagpt, ask other streamers, watch other streamers and look at enhancing your content. We do have a reason for this and it will become clear in the future.


Fire Dbug Fly
Streams: 219m 93M 210M - 410M

More Streams to Come, Covered items of the VIP’S, Stel VIP Mining, Desert Crawlers, Great Whites, Molochs Quest, Red Papoo Stalkers, Low Dailies

Covered Magical Flowers Bonus Mission and collecting materials.

Intended to stream a weekend off planet but be back for more NI stream time next week.

Look forward to seeing everyone for the next 7 months. #CRP


Penelope Penny Lane
Streaming Collection For May - Next Island CRP May 2023 #NextIsland #CRP - Total Time 16:20:22 (so far)

Individual Twitch Streams:
May 2, 2023 - Next Island: V.I.P Dailies #NextIsland #CRP - Time 2:45:46
Resa VIP Sand Boar Daily, Crystal Hoarder Brontes Daily, Stel VIP Daily Portal Guardian Hunt
May 3, 2023 - Next Island CRP: Haruspex Chest #NextIsland #CRP - Time 1:45:16
Daily Maybe Portal Guardian hunt for Chest BP, crafting the Haruspex Chest, CARE daily for Analysis skill, Screecher Hunting for mats for Crystalline Core Daily
May 4, 2023 - Phun with PennyP! #NextIsland #CRP - Time 2:33:30
Daily Asterion Hunt for Computer Skill, Daily Achelous Hunt for Biology Skill, Daily Sand Boar hunt for Tailoring Skill
May 6, 2023 - The Gazebo Effect #NextIsland #CRP - Time 2:28:16
Hunting Brontes & Sand Boar, Doing Haircuts on the Beach, Daily Asterion Hunt
May 7, 2023 - Sunday Funday #NextIsland #CRP - Time 2:14:18
Checking out the Moloch Depths for the first time, Taming an Asclarias, Daily Maybe Hunt, Hunting Papoo on the Beach (Loyalist VIP) for Coloring Skill
May 8, 2023 (1) - May 8, 2023: Skillin’ Like A Villain #NextIsland #CRP pt.1 - Time 1:20:00
Brontes Daily for Phenacite to do Lesser Elysia Daily, Death Drake Dailly
May 8, 2023 (2) - May 8, 2023: Skillin’ Like A Villain #NextIsland #CRP pt.2 - Time 1:08:52
Death Drake Iron & Myrinian Hunt
(May 8th pt1 & pt2 were steamed on the 8th but published on the 9th)
May 13, 2023 - Deliver us From the Dark Queen #NextIsland #CRP - Time 2:04:24
Mission Hunting for the Gorgon (Steropes), Daily Lesser Elysia Challenge

To Be Con’t . . .

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Happy Happyf33tTV feet

Total number of participants is 16 for the week 08/05/2023 to 14/05/2023 with screenshots of the results for the mining runs for each player. More info can be found here Happyf33tTV Free Mining Event and Streaming Next Island - CRP23 - #4 by happyf33t