New village boar hunting event N°1

Similar to the Pfeu hunt and following the same rules as the Pfeu hunt, come and kill some Village boars.
You will be given 1 full TT Sollomate rubio and 3 peds ammo in exchange for 2k sweat.
This First event will take place on the wednesday 20th of April @ 19:15 game time.
Meet me (Marcus mg08 GRAHMS) at Crystal peak Tp at 7.15pm game time to participate.
First ten players to reply to this thread and agree to the condtitons will get a spot.
If there is any spot left, other players can attend following the same conditions.
If the number of players doesn’t reach a minimum of ten players the hunt will be cancelled. Good luck to everyone and looking forward to see you soon.


Since this is the first hunting event, if those boars are too easy for ten players to kill with rubio, then we will be moving to bigger mob.
The players able to attend 4 consecutive event will get a 5 ped reward of my choice to be determined soon.
So be quick in registration as spots can be taken very quickly.

Let’s kill all the piggies!