Skaya's Ascension Photo Dump

As many of you may already know, I have finally completed a full Ascension set and I am very excited to post some photos of the amazing Next Island scenery with it on.

Firstly, I want to thank Socrates and the Next Island Team for making this event. I haven’t been on Next Island in forever and this event really got me going back to Next Island to discover what the new dev team was up to after the management change. I still remember SSI at Shepherd’s Beach and skeletons so that kind of pinpoints my age hehehe.

Another thing, I want to thank these people for helping out with creating the coat:

  • Alya Alya Drarh - Designing
  • Alexanndrea Ysabel Diavolo - Texturing
  • Alkesh Summer Vallan - Colouring


That’s it for now!


Great pictures! I really love the look of the set (and of NI/AG of course)