2022 Reward Redemption Thread

Avatar: Fire Dbug Fly
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: Twitch
32 Hours Twitch
Month August

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1570632450 167M
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1568337258 376M
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1567344586 185M
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1565847626 180M
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1563931604 263M
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1553915959 243M
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1553915959 248M
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1550472274 266M

Thank you everyone for coming to and enjoying the streams. ~Dbug


Avatar Name Vic Oskar Skaya

Points: 50 pts

Avatar: Mythical Razizeh Dragon
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/razizeh
Month: August

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1572695351 (27h)

Avatar: Thomas Tarlac Bono
Catagory: Twitch Streaming
Twitch Channel: Twitch
Entries: Over 8 Streams on NI.
For August.

I am new to streaming and new to this reward program, so if I did not do something correctly please advise me and I’ll fix it for next time. I love NI, and this is my new home.


Avatar: Fatteus Fatty Thorsson
Catagory: Lore
Entries 1 - 5
Link: Lore Submission Thread - #97 by Fatty
Month: August
Date Submitted: 08_28_22

I look forward to seeing whether or not I qualified. :slight_smile:

Avatar name: SkuLLDuGGeRy DeaTH-BRiNGeR PLeaSant

For Aug

5 lore submissions with more to come in the same story

the story will get more complex next month… i was just super busy this month and couldent give it the true time needed :cry:

if there is any problems please let me know

Ricardo Rick Sanchez
Aug 2022
Category - streamer

Total stream length 25 hours - collection link

8/14/22 stream length 06:39

8/15/22 stream length 09:01

8/16/22 stream length 03:36

8/28/22 stream length 06:15

avatar: mmolatino El-demente youtube
category: youtube

Avatar: Wand AxeMurderer Silva
Category: YouTube Videos
Posted: August 30 2022
Total Points: 50
Note: If for ANY reason you don’t feel a video qualifies let me know immediately via in game PM as I have plenty more.

Avatar: Sophia Electra Sanders
Catagory: Youtube Videos
Month: August

As playlist:

Here are my August Submissions.

Isme Isme Gotitt

Avatar: Akiyoshi HueLord3000 Hara
Catagory: Youtube Videos
Month: August


avatar: Anatol RidRock Bondarenko
category: youtube

  1. Калькулятор для подсчёта маркапа и налога с аукциона для игроков Entropia Universe - YouTube
  2. Знакомство с энтропия вики - YouTube
  3. Очередная халява! Получаем ежедневно скил, копим и продаём! - YouTube
  4. Ещё один дейлик и его можно совместить с другим, таким образом сохранив ваши деньги! - YouTube
  5. Личное мнение автора о том, как правильно подбирать моба для ханта. - YouTube

total 50 point!

Avatar: |Nakor of Boreft
5 parts of lore
Found here Lore Submission Thread - #103 by Nakor
My submission for august.

Avatar: Xx Purplebong xX
Category: Lore
My 5 Chapters - August submission

Posted here: Lore Submission Thread - #102 by Purplebong

Thank you,


Ava Avy-Leigh Val

August 2022

Category - Events

7 August 2022 - SSI bought from 10 Players - 15 Points
21 August 2022 - SSI bought from 7 Players - 15 Points
28 August 2022 - SSI bought from 10 Players - 15 Points


28 August 2022 - had 12 Player Register for the event - 15 Points

  • 10 players hunted excluding Host

Thank you for ur Amazing work.

Avatar: Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa
Category: Twitch Streams
Month: August

~28 hrs

Stephen kai jackson FFSI/HSSC event

14 events in total

Summer hunt 2022

1 event

total events 15
15 x 15 = 225 points

Avatar: Matisyahu dllr root
Category: Event Organizers
Submitted for August 2022
Content: 5 events in total
Points: 5x15 =75 points - 4x BIG IND SSI 1x Deus Vult Race

Avatar: Painkiller Bounty Hunter
Category: stream / sweat event w/ sweat buying