Adjusting Gorgon spawn requirements discussion (Answered)

I was discussing with some friends about the sweat needed to spawn the Gorgon and chat ended up having a thought of having the main person spawning the wave event hand in a smaller amount of sweat, like 5k, and any other person to join to hand in 1k of sweat in order to join.

Access to the wave area would be limited to people who consume a special access pill so they don’t die when they go deeper into the wave area.

This would partially solve the debate on how to share the spawning costs of the Gorgon wave.

One thing that would need to be considered is the “safe zone” where a player would not need the special pill so they can see what wave the area is on and how big the mobs are.

And for further discussion topics on this, here are some pros and cons that were thought of to start off the discussion:


  • Partially solves the debate on who foots the cost of the event
  • More activity in the sweat market


  • Entry cost per player instead of a flat cost by one person

I really liked this idea when we were having the conversation in my stream… not sure how hard it might be to convert… but would be interested to hear from the players that visit NI what they think.



thats a good idea a thought i had while reading was maybe they kept the 20k start fee but, if ppl were to join like you say they pay X sweat like 1k or something but, then that amount of sweat would be refunded back to the initial player. so, then NI/MA is getting exactly what they were expecting per spawn and the initial spawner gets like a partial refund per player that joins? idk just a thought also my way might be a little more complicated and idk if the game has that ability but, maybe?

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If so, remove better loot for the one spawning.

Thanks for posting, Skaya - I really enjoyed our brainstorm in Spike’s stream on this topic. Would definitely make me feel better about joining someone else’s instance by chipping in for my own entry and would take care of the people that tend to hang out and wait for other people to start the event, shoot the 1st wave and just wait it out until the boss… all. day. long.


Hey @vic_skaya,

Thanks for the suggestion, I can totally see what you are attempting to address and the merits of the idea. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, due to system limitations this would not be possible to implement (hence why instance/wave “entry fees” are always are individual based). I hope in the future of the game and engine something akin to this may be possible.

Thank you!

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