Charity WolfStar Events - CRP23

Greetings good people.

I invite everyone to take part in the great fun, which will be full of events on Next Island, during the operation of the “Community Recognition Program 2023 (CRP23)”.
These events will not only affect the development of activity in the Entropia Universe and Planet Next Island game, but also life in the reality around us.

As players, you will have the pleasure of taking part in a chain of tasks and events.
Which will primarily help low to mid-level players, tightening ties between mentors and disciples, but they will also help deepen the world created in Next Island.

We start the fun on May1, 2023, and for the next 7 months, I will be honored to lead games and entertainment on every Sunday of the coming months.
In order to match the game time with the global community, the games will be organized from 06:00 MA time to 22:00 MA time.
But during different hours, it all depends on my private life and work shift, of course.

Let’s get started!

“Monkey hunting”

“Hello newcomer.
Can you help us lower the Yellow Papoo population?
Cartographer and I came up with the idea to reforest the area dominated by these nasty Papoo!
We can’t manage to maintain the only reservoir of water by ourselves.
We have managed to plant two trees, but the amount of water is not enough, plus these monkeys pollute the water with their feces!
Please help us and abolish Yellow Papoo.
As a reward, the Cartographer will award you with a 2 PED Papoo Guardian Mob Pill, which will be an entry ticket for you to the quests I organize.”

Event mission objective:

-Take the task of “Monkeying around” from the cartographer.
You can find him on the position
/wp [Next Island, 136745, 83664, 101, The Cartographer]

-Go hunting to Water Reservoir
/wp [Next Island, 137334, 83597, 108, Water Reservoir]

-Complete the task and receive your reward from the Cartographer.

-Trade “Papoo Guardian Mob Pill” with me. I’ll be near the Cartographer.
/wp [Next Island, 136738, 83668, 101, WolfStar]

Each “Papoo Guardian Mob Pill” is your ticket of entry to events.
Once I receive pill, you will be added to the list of those taking part in the event on that day, Sunday of course. Remember that you can perform this mission during the entire duration of CRP23.
You can repeat missions after a time interval of 20 hours.

“Papoo Guardian Mob Pill”/Event tickets can be transferred or sold to others. You can also accumulate a larger amount of them and use them during the entire duration of the events. You can also give them to others and they can subscribe you to my event list on your behalf.
Every Sunday I will create a list of those signed up for the competition.
The list will be generated in real time, while I am available, and the whole event will be visible during the stream. Event ticket trading will end 30 minutes before the start of one of the scheduled events.
The entire list of event attendees will be counted from these purchased tickets.

Main event.

“Never Run Again”

During this game I would like to invite everyone and especially mentors along with disciples.

The game is to run for orientation. A location will be determined on the Next Island map where we will all gather to start the run.
The use of vehicles is prohibited during the race.
The collective task of all mentors is to help clear the run path from mobs for weaker participants.
One waypoint will be given at the beginning of the run,
then after the first participants arrive at the designated point, I will give two more, of which only one will be correct. Then I will give three waypoints, and again only one will be correct. If necessary, further waypoints will be given, up to a maximum of 3 waypoints.

The whole Survival Race will be observed from the air, and streamed on my channel.
At the end of the race, only one point will be given, where I will land and wait for the first person to open the trade window with me, then with the help of the stream, the winner will choose one of the 10 available prizes, hidden under the heads of the monkeys.

Depending on the time I have available (and indeed the shift I will have to go to work for) there will be one or more races.

Link to my Stream on Twitch

The entire event will be made available for repeat viewing on Twitch no later than Monday, the day after the event.

An additional shortcut from Sunday’s event will be presented on the channel on You Tube. Here I do not want to promise the day, but in the week preceding the event. (I work three shifts, I have a side job, volunteer work and my own activities so please be understanding).

My Youtube channel

Then after the pre tasks and the main event will be followed by a micro event.

“Hide and Seek”

In short, what you can see on my Youtube channel. A series of hide-and-seek games will be organized.
During this game, I will go into offline and incognito mode, so that none of the friends on the list can see my location and give an equal chance to all participants. I will also temporarily turn off the preview of my game for the stream.

Then when the stream preview is made public, participants will have to find me, and of course open the trading window first.
And then choose the prize hidden under the monkey’s head.
The number of hide-and-seek games can also be more than two, depending on real life. But minimum two each Sunday.

Links to the twitch stream or Youtube channel, along with the list of winners, will be published on the Facebook page.

Jarred WolfStar Moonheimer Facebook Fan Page

There is a good chance of unexpected additional opportunities for those watching the stream during the event to win one of the prizes hidden under the monkeys’ heads.

There is a good chance of unexpected additional opportunities for those present on my chat room “Moonheim” inside the game during the event to win one of the prizes hidden under the monkeys’ heads.
The link to the channel will be given during the ticket trading at the local chat near Cartographer, on NI chat room, Rookie channel or you can simply join by copy paste command in game:

/join #Moonheim

Remember one “2 PED Papoo Guardian Mob Pill” is one ticket to the event. Every Sunday there will be a minimum of one “N.R.A” run and a minimum of two “H.A.S” games.
During two-events combo, minimum prize hidden under monkey head’s is always 2PED.
But don’t be surprised if you win combo of “Quad-Wing+RK-0+5PED Welding Wire+Space Thruster+10 PED OIL” or +30PED Weapons, etc. “Sky is the Limit”.

During Events I will be the main Host, My full in game avatar name is “Jared WolfStar Moonheimer”.
Support Host will be “Soraya Deva Hautiare”.

Support host, if necessary will take over the duties of running my events, and will work on his own program CRP23 points.
The force majeure no one can predict, and I want the program to enter permanently during these 7 months. Well, but accidents happen.

And now the most important!

All prizes I cover out of my own pocket, or if someone donates a prize will be mentioned on the list and during the event as well as n in the entire Social Media’s.

Total income from purchased tickets, i.e. all “2 PED Papoo Guardian Mob Pill”, at the end of the CRP23 program will be thrown into the Trade Terminal and sold.
Earned PEDs will be used for charity in Real Life.

Depending on the sum collected by all of us. I will use it to help a nearby animal shelter.
If the amount is larger and significant, we will choose together which foundation to donate to.

Regards to all and see you on Sunday 06.05 on Next Island.
Jared WolfStar Moonheimer


“Monkeying around” simple and newbie friendly daily quest.
+/-1 hour a day Video GamePlay

Saturday*additional event Prize list:

-[Quad-Wing Interceptor (L)]+[Space Thruster (L)]+[Vehicle RK-0 (L)]+[Welding Wire]+[Oil]
-[Sollomate Azuro (L)]+[Omegaton B101 (L)]+[Weapon Cells]
-[Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-35]
-[Regeneration Chip 1 (L)]
-3x[Skildek Lancehead (L)]
-[EWE EP-2 Proton (L)]+[Weapon Cells]
-[Sollomate Rubio (L)]+[Omegaton B101 (L)]+[Weapon Cells]
-[Isis LLP 1 (L)]
-[Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-3 (L)]

Total 10 prizes

Last weekend there was one player taking part in event so I dont create short video from event.
Here is the stream

21,05,23 prize list
-[Quad-Wing Interceptor (L)]+[Space Thruster (L)]+[Vehicle RK-0 (L)]+[Welding Wire]+[Oil]
-[Sollomate Azuro (L)]+[Omegaton B101 (L)]+[Weapon Cells]
-[Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-35]
-[Corrosive Attack Nanochip 2 (L)]
-3x[Skildek Lancehead (L)]
-[EWE EP-2 Proton (L)]+[Weapon Cells]
-[Sollomate Rubio (L)]+[Omegaton B101 (L)]+[Weapon Cells]
-[Isis LLP 1 (L)]
-[Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-3 (L)]
-[Lacerating Attack Nanochip 2 (L)]

Sunday event was made in Monday, do to my night shift switch. I was so tired that I didn’t menage to stake awake till SSI finish. But all who buyed ticked was online so we make it.
my internet connection was also poor so Twitch cut the whole event into a series of videos, all available on the channel.

Present with valid tickets were 3 players.

The coming weekend will be better. I finish work on Friday morning and have Monday off, so I’ll be on Next Island all weekend.

28.05.23 CRP Prize list

-[Quad-Wing Interceptor (L)]+[Space Thruster (L)]+[Vehicle RK-0 (L)]+[Welding Wire]+[Oil]

-[Sollomate Azuro (L)]+[Omegaton B101 (L)]
-[EWE EP-2 Proton (L)]+[Omegaton B101 (L)]
-3x[Skildek Lancehead (L)]

-[Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-3 (L)]
-[Isis LLC 1 (L)]
-[Isis LLP 1 (L)]

-[Lacerating Attack Nanochip 2 (L)]
-[Dominax Original Garter (L)]
-[Isis LBP 6 (L)]

28.05.23 was little diffrent, due to the participation of only two players, I decided to organize a “catch me if you can” game. it was fun and harder than I expected. 3:25+

Prizes for today.
-BP’s Mix
-[Lacerating Attack Nanochip 2 (L)]
-[Corrosive Attack Nanochip 2 (L)]
-[Isis LLC 1 (L)]
-[Omegaton M2100A1 (L)]
-[EWE EP-2 Proton (L)]+[Sollomate Rubio (L)]
-[EWE EP-2 Proton (L)]+[Sollomate Azuro (L)]
-[EWE EP-2 Proton (L)]+[Modec VXT 100 (L)]
-[Sollomate Rubio (L)]+[Skildek Lancehead (L)]
-[Sollomate Azuro (L)]+[Skildek Lancehead (L)]