CRP23 - Submission -May

In game name: Maria FunnyFufu Awesomecakes

Live Streams:

  1. Twitch -Time: 02:23:14 - First day on Next Island. Mainly explored and collected some teleporters.

  2. Twitch - Time: 05:56:24 - Focused on familiarizing myself with Next Island and Ancient Greece. Collected teleporters and started my first dailies.

  3. Twitch - Time: 01:33:22 - Worked on some of my first hunting challenges and continued some missions. (Part 1 out of 2)

  4. Twitch - Time: 02:16:40 - Worked on mission chains and started working on other dailies. (Part 2 out of 2)

  5. Twitch - Time: 05:43:30 - I checked out some of the Containment dailies and worked on the Daily Crystal Hoarder Mission for the first time. I also spent some time here and there to look for some blue flowers. :smiley:

  6. Twitch - Time: 04:13:22 - Did some Papoos and Cyclops missions and started working on the harvesting missions.

  7. Twitch - Time: 07:02:00 - Finished The Simian Problem missions and did some more dailies. I spent more time searching for flowers as well.

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IGN: Hashirama Ecorze Senju

First livestream of NI, doing some grinds

Pugnus Amryu Tonitrus - Streaming

Twitch VOD 26.05. - Twitch
Twitch VOD 27.05. - Twitch
Twitch VOD 28.05. - Twitch

Returning Player to NI, so did alot of exploring and mostly hunted different stuff. Progressed Moloch Quest, did Gorgon Wave started Resa V.I.P. mission, unlocked Mystical Forest.

Happy Happyf33tTV feet

Total number of participants is 21 for the week 22/05/2023 to 26/05/2023 with screenshots of the results for the mining runs for each player. More info can be found here Happyf33tTV Free Mining Event and Streaming Next Island - CRP23

Stream 16 may 2023
Stream 17 may 2023
Stream 18 may 2023
Stream 25 may 2023
Stream 27 may 2023

Please find my May 2023 submission below:
May 2023 Collection

6 streams in total broken out below:
Sneks n Rares
Dailies n Rares
Dailies n Rares part 2
Dailies n Fluffin
Gorgon n Friends

Avatar: Artem InTeam Svoikin
Categories: streaming (mission , hunting , mining, sawing, craft, and fun))
Chanel: [Twitch] inteamentropia

  1. Twitch 5h 50 min
  2. Twitch 1h 40 min
  3. Twitch 7h. 20 min

Avatar one crappy player
Category Streaming
Twitch crappy_player

5.5 h Twitch
5.5 h Twitch
5,5h Twitch
5h Twitch

Avatar: Akiyoshi HueLord3000 Hara
category: Videos
May 2023


Pollianna cat1000er Fairling

Todays stream had a few issues at the start and streamlabs didn’t enable my vod track so there is royalty free music on the vod (streamlabs new app).

Stream: (roughly 2 hours)

Avatar: Jack Ace Kingsman
Category: Mission/Quest Writing
Tittle: “Preparing the way”
For May

Link sent to Official_Osiris by discord Jack Ace Kingsman Today (2023-05-30) at 15:15.

Hi there,

Avatar: Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa

This is my May '23 submission:
(Roughly 12 hours)

Any queries, give me a shout :slight_smile:

Quest/Mission for May2023 sent via discord (Today at 5:14 PM) from Aleph, document name “NIAG_CRP2023_LOH”.

To not overthrow with links, all events are under main Post with data, prizes and links to stream.

Mission/Quest Writing submitted via Discord. New NPC “Cpt. Jaro”.

Submissions for Steve StevieB Braggs for May 2023 All three videos have over 500 views and 55 likes (there seems to be a delay between the actual views as shown on creator dashboard and the publicly shown views so if this is the case it should correct itself shortly)

Note that the first is a promotional video and the other two are mission walkthrough videos as per CRP 2023 rules.

Hello there!

Avatar name: Sarah SarahWatson Watson

This will be my May 2023 submission post.
Twitch - 5 hours and 30 minutes.
Twitch - 4 hours

I will add the final submission before the cut-off date tonight! ( I just have to stream it first)

Any issues, give me a pm! :smiley:

Auberon Night Night
Rally races
20 May 13 people
27 May 8 people

Screenshots sent directly in pm

Avatar: Tony K0lb0sa K0lbasters
category: Videos ( I was in a rush a bit, and troubles with DaVinci Resolve, so had to lower quality for this videos a bit, also one guide was a bit shorter than 5 min, Ii hope its ok because i showed almost all for that mission )
May 2023

Avatar: SpikE SpikE Odets
Category: Streaming
Twitch: SpikEOdets
May 2023 submission.

1h 48m Twitch 1
2h 20m Twitch 2
3h 16m Twitch 3
3h 53m Twitch 4
3h 40m Twitch 5

Also collection of Hightlights to keep the video’s here:

Twitch May Collection