Colour Fest APRIL 17 2022

TONIGHT! It’s here :slight_smile:

Happy Easter. Tonight is Colour Fest, a celebration of spring time, beauty, and togetherness.

Take a break from Mayhem. Give the PED card a rest. Bring your unwanted paint cans to trade and share. Trade for the colours you need. Don’t TT those paint cans or let them rot in storage. Bring what you’ve got, even if it’s just a few cans. Come for the fun and the discussions of all things colouring.

Hot tip - There is a free warp this evening at 17:00 MA time. Grab your paint and jump aboard.

For those interested in learning to Colour as a profession, there is a mission here on Next Island that rewards you with a free colouring tool (and bleaching attachment). Look up NPC Miranda and mission called Paint and Coloring. Trade her 20 Wool for the reward.

Hope to see you all tonight. Bring your paint and your (C) gear.



Colour Fest is 2 weeks away :open_mouth:

In preperation for this fun event, I am including some helpful links:

Texturing and Colouring Guide from Planet Calypso Forums

Texturing and Colouring Guide from Entropia Planets

As you can see, it’s best to have 323 paint cans per field for the maximum results. Clear out your storage of those unwanted paint cans. Don’t TT them. Bring them to share and trade at Colour Fest and get the colours you need. It’s finally time to colour that Sleipner or Master Coat you’ve always wanted. Colourers will be on hand to donate thier services.

Not currently on Next Island but you want to participate? HOT TIP – Plan on attending the Next Island SSI by BIG Industries. They offer a free warp to Next Island every Sunday at 17:00 MA time.

Bring your paint and your (C) Customisable gear. There is no specific time for this event - we will all be here from 18:00 MA time to 00:00.

Hope to see you there! Oh, and please bring Paint Can (Purple)


I will be organising, promoting, and hosting an event on Next Island scheduled for Sunday 17th April from 18:00-00:00 MA time.

The event is called Colour Fest. It will be an event for all players to meet up and trade Paint Cans of various colours. Bring your extra cans of unwanted colours to trade for the ones you need.

Also, I have arranged for some of EU’s highest-level Colourers to be on Next Island to offer free colouring services to help personalize your favourite (C) customisable gear (must provide your own paint and gear).

Mark your calendar and start digging through storage. Time to get rid of that Cornsilk and trade it for Burgundy. See if someone will trade thier Dark Blue for your Mauve. Bring all of your Paint Cans to trade, compare, and share. Bring your (C) gear to get coloured by professional Colourers for free.

All Paint Cans are welcome! Come meet new people and discuss all things paint-related. Let’s have a Colour Fest!

This event will take place at Crystal Peak from 18:00 to 00:00 MA time (approx 6 hours) Sunday evening 17th April.