CRP '23 - Revamped

Apologies I thought I had answered this.
As stated in the brief no new items, that would mean no new mobs too.
“No new items or blueprints to be suggested in your mission stay with existing items and locations.”

Anything added now adds to pressure with changeover to UE5.
And most likely if you win we would not add the mission now.
New dungeons can take months to build and new mobs maybe even longer to develop as per your specifications.

If your story needs the new mobs and dungeon I will concede and allow it but it will not be considered for the overall win only for the armor piece points. And the mission write up must still comply to the rest of the rules.

I don’t oppose promo videos…i’m actually going to make one regardless…I’m just saying be careful what you open yourself up to.

Like the lore: you said research the real ancient Greece. What was the line from the move 300? “Ah the Athenians…those boy lovers aren’t soldiers”. They even had the famous saying “men are for pleasure, women are for having children” and let’s not forget that most of the temples were essentially brothels named after gods and goddesses. That’s why I asked about X rated lore…if you want the real ancient Greece it gets X rated VERY fast.

I’m not against promotional video’s or basing lore off real life. You’re just opening a door you may not be able to shut.

I guess it depends where your mind is at.
Some look at Greece and see art and war some see sex and porn.
I did say no adult content when asked and I will disqualify any sex or porn related content.
Not sure how much clearer that part should be.

There is also a guide that says stay to the in game lore. No sex or porn or such within the NI/AG lore.

You have a right to your enthusiasm towards sex but this is not the forum for it.

Agreed…Rocktropia already has a monopoly on that space. My point was simply look at what you’re asking us to do and then think about all the ways it can go wrong. If I want to organize an in game event apparently sexy fashion show would be disallowed but everyone gathering in PVP to slaughter each other would probably get the green light. Whether it’s a competition, business, game development the question should always be the same…how could this go badly? Unfortunately most people to the opposite and say here’s all the ways it can go good…and then messi ends up with 250+ agility.

From what I’ve seen the past 2 years with CRP there doesn’t appear to be that many, if any, real issues that have popped up so that says a lot about how far you’ve brought it.

Psychologists refer to motivated perception. We see what we want to see.
And what you are concerned about is part of why I have about a month open for player feedback.
So your points are noted and adjustments will be made to the rules to allow for players like yourself who see things differently

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After some experimenting I have to say the “make videos about a mission” is a bit more difficult to make work than expected.

Games like donkey Kong country for snes having these walk through type videos can be a real joy to watch. The problem is that this is Entropia and it just doesn’t translate as well.

Being one of the main YouTubers for the game I have a bit more data on how people interact with Entropia videos than most. The majority of people who watch Entropia videos don’t actually sit there eyes glued to the screen. Typically they are running in the background with the person listening to audio or in window mode.

Entropia is a ton of fun to play. Boring as all get out to watch other people play. This is exactly why most YouTube channels or twitch streams fail. The majority of people watching are simply wanting tips to do it better…make their money go further. I could have a blank screen on most videos and my audience wouldn’t care.

This is a problem when making mission walk through videos. No one wants to sit through 20 minutes of me going to 9 different waypoints in a row to show off things they can no longer have a chance to get (already claimed estates let’s say). And a 10-20 minute gap of boring bouncing to waypoints means the average view simply skips to the next video.

Result is less likes, less satisfaction and less info gathered as the important parts are after that.

While I think I did manage to keep some flare in the spirit of what I do normally i can honestly say it just seems that the concept of video walk through a of an entire mission chain doesn’t really translate as well to Entropia as it would other places. BUT let’s try it this year and let the results give us the data. I’ll bet those videos are far less liked, less helpful and less watched than other types of videos. Just my 2 cents.

Side note: for people so against xxx content I found an npc wearing only undies programmed to make a joke about me walking in on her getting dressed. FOR SHAAAAAME!!!

My opinion is not going to be the most important one regarding this years CRP.
But I would still like to just say this. Do the best you can StevieB.
No one can say for sure what is best or what will be the best, so just do the best you can and I’m sure it will be judged fairly.

I am impressed by your commitment to turn this is sexual somehow.
But to answer you on video content.
5min to 25min long, no need to go to 10min unless you feel you have to
Can do shorter IF and ONLY IF you can justify it to me. So I will be the judge on whether it is a good reason

Some time ago players did make video falling within some of these categories that was really well done. Might help you to watch that. (For the previous CRP’s. )
A walkthrough is a bit like the nihelper site but as a video and only on one mission. Thus its about the mission not an opinion piece so using the video to fit in your opinions about the game etc will turn the walkthrough into an opinion piece thus failing the task and not qualifying.

The entire concept of this year is that CRP gives back to the community. As it is now the concept is that the NI PP gives to the community for all the awesome stuff people did.
But that message got lost within all the players here to grab a free armor.
(Let me ask you, did you read any of the lore or watch the videos or streams? Chances are you did not. Our changes is to give reason for people to actually want to go watch your video)
So to make it a full circle the concept is that the CRP gives tasks that clearly yields something to the benefit of NI community. Something to add flair and access to information.
Some streamers has been able to make their streams fun and interesting and entertaining while some just show flat content of killing mob after mob with little or no interaction with their viewers.
Some video content sees a player give great details on a specific thing such as harvesting. (I am referring to a specific video I found of a rather unskilled player, nervous as hell but the most informative and detailed harvesting video Ive seen. Rather an old video now)
How you make it fun is up to you. I could show you ways but I am giving you 2months heads up before your first one must be submitted. I am sure you will be able to create something good by then.

And you will note the amount of content needed was greatly reduced so players have more time to do good content as opposed to content merely there to barely scrape by on the basic requirements.


You programmed the naked NPC who talks about walking in on her while changing…not me. I just stumbled across it.

No I haven’t read the lore. Because the tt returns, loot comp and mu I’m after requires research enough as it is. Some people may gain extra fun factor out of it but that doesn’t translate to PED.

You’re spot on with the CRP needing to be something more than an armor grab. Something that gives people the info they need and tells them all the reasons to come to NI. That part 100% correct.

My videos get what? 500-1000 views in 24 hours. 2k+ subs. Because I produce the content the players want to consume. They need no additional reason to watch my channel.

Log in and do a walkthrough of defend us from the dark queen as fast as you can. Start on nI tp into Ag then to Thebes to the npc then time how fast you can get to all three of the “hidden” objects and visit all 6 estates.

Just to get to those 3 object and visit all 6 estates I bet is a solid 10 minutes.

Talk to yourself while doing it. How would I explain this to someone watching in 2023. “We’ll here’s 6 killer looking estates. They’re in the mission because they were up for grabs. Now they’re just part of the mission chain because all 6 were claimed” (although the first one you guys manage it and it’s still vacant???)

That’s the specific part of the specific mission I’m talking about. My videos are usually right at 15-20 minutes for a reason. This one, going as fast as I could, clocked in at about 36 minutes mainly due to all the waypoints the chain requires.

Yes the easy answer would be do another mission chain. But considering moloch, gorgon and gorgons shade are really the 3 missions anyone really getting into eu and ni will eventually have to do they are also the three that require the most coverage. Gorgon shade and moloch were much better to work with but they also don’t have all the waypoints.

Yes mission walk throughs are doable. Just not Easy. Which I guess will make the armor all that more rare and valuable. Which is good for me so…Yeay!

Last year I actually built a riddle into all my videos. If you watched them all they should have led to an amazing mission that had some VERY valuable rewards. It was worth about 10k% mu at the time.

I guess I made it too hard to figure out as only 1 person even got close and that was by accident. (Or those who figured it out never said anything)

I didn’t make them for the armor. I made them because when NI development sucked I was a critic. And y’all have done so much to make it a place new, medium and high level players can all enjoy and hopefully made PED from you deserve the same attention as you did when it was a dead planet.

I think the CRP is a great way to get the word out about all those changes. And yes there were people just going through the motions or even cheating the system.

So don’t take why I say as a negative. Y’all are doing great and deserve the attention and coverage.

I will rewrite and clean up this guide by mid April. That will then be the final working document.
Thank you to all of you who gave feedback either here or in pm or chat.
I greatly appreciate it and I am happy to see the feedback is mostly positive even when bringing up possible issues.
You are a cool bunch overall I am really happy to be dealing with you weirdo’s. :slight_smile:


Would a NI inspired music video count? I just finished a five faction rap battle video and will wait until April to publish it if it’s eligible (if not I’ll just upload it to yt right away xd).

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Did not originally consider that tbh.
But yes a music video or montage to music would be great.
You can always message me direct if you have suggestions around this but in the meantime I will look into it a bit and set up some basic guidelines.


Exactly how much are the devs allowed to actually interact with or play the game? Seems like 0.

Under mission videos you want static pictures of the mission dialogue/ npc interactions if we have already done the mission….how exactly are we supposed to do that?

Once you complete a mission you don’t get to go back through all that. The npc just becomes a pretty decoration in most cases. No dialogue box will pop up. And even if it’s one of the rare npcs that you can interact with it certainly won’t let you go through dialogue boxes for missions you e already completed.

While it would cause more server strain and require more resources at a greater cost I’ve always found this to be a disadvantage to something less uniform than say codex is.

Would be nice to be able to click through all the dialogue even if you already completed the mission. Or even just talk to the npc again to verify you did indeed already do it.

On a different note y’all have given me a GREAT idea. I’m actually considering paywalling all of my Next Island videos (or at least a portion of them).

Why give away the best opportunities for free? If they want to watch music videos and event promotion videos no charge (like sweating) but if they want to know the best ways to make their money go further paywall it (like buying a high end fap).

$9.99 a month x 70 subs = an entire set of ascension armor PER MONTH. That would only be 4% of my sub base which should be a pretty easy target to hit. Just an idea I’ve been considering.

I’m gonna make one REALLY special video that gives players the chance to speak directly to y’all via the comments section so you can get some real feedback straight from the community.

Can’t wait for it to start!

Side note: we can refuse to talk about it all day….y’all programmed the npc. I’m not a dev. For SHAAAAAME

When you see something you disagree with you have the option to point it out and suggest an alternate. Yet every time you find a single point you disagree with you opt for a long monologue of hyperbole and no suggestions.
You brought up the point of how to get images for dialogue. I am sure if you look around most can be found. If not you can ask other players to assist. But I will change the text to make sure its more a suggestion for better content than a rule which I am guessing is the real point of your discussion even though it is not clear or obvious at all.

On your side note: Yes we programmed the npc you love to mention. A tongue in cheek joke not an Xrated porn image.
The bodystocking reveals more than what she does. Even more on point, you often see new players sweating in only underwear. Which is what this npc is wearing. So not naked at all, just called the naked lady.

For those not aware StevieB refers to Tina the naked lady located on Carnival Island. She is an NPC used as part of a new kind of mission that starts on one planet and ends on another.
This is a new approach to missions as part of our desire to evolve and better our content. So this mission was small but was in fact a test to see how to do what was considered impossible.
And we learned a lot even with the failure of of part of the mission until we found the fix.
Hope you all enjoy the plushies that was especially made for this test mission.
Even StevieB enjoyed it.

Yes! Pro Plushie Platform! Now THAT is something we can agree on!

You’re correct it’s extremely difficult for me to make suggestions but incredibly easy to see something that is clearly going to be a problem.

Potential issues are easy to spot when you actually play the game. This game has a very small player base or I’d be retired. Finding mission dialogue on the internet would probably be next to impossible in a lot of cases which is why I pointed the problem out. As for what to do about it….your solution sounds gangbusters. A guideline rather than a rule.

If you REALLY wanna spice it up how about adding extra point awards for videos that feature a celebrity guest? Full disclosure: some of my videos will have celebrity guests so I’m biased.

What about a special one off award for the content creator / streamer/ lore creator who gets their content to go viral with a million + views?

Just some ideas….from the guy whose signature was blue undies and an Optimus prime hat before moving to the planet that gave us the mankini! We may not be 100% nude but mankini gets ya 99% there and that’s still a whole lotta nude! (I swear I’m gonna make for shame a catch phrase)

In discussion with a few players about content quality we will be adding an option to reward bonus points for submissions on any of the categories based on developer discretion.
Very open ended I know but it is obvious that some do way more effort than others and some content are just better. So rather than having specific points for specific things we will hold the option to award bonus points.
The Dumbledore rule. 500 points to Griffindor! Because I said so.


I would say no part of the crossover mission was a failure, I did it day one and had a great time.

As no new points have been brought up I will take what we have here and rewrite and publish it again in a few days as the final rule set for the event.
Thank you all who contributed to the refinement of the rules whether you posted here or messaged me privately.

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