CRP '23 - Revamped

Hello. I understand this in the new conditions. A video showing me going around the planet won’t count? It is on these videos that I would like to show the players what a beautiful planet. After all, the planet is really very beautiful.
For example, won’t such a video pass?Entropia Universe Путешествие по Next Island часть 1 - YouTube
This is my last year’s work. I would just like to clarify, is it impossible in the likeness?

I have been streaming on facebook (Apex Legends) for a couple years. But recently moved over to kick and started streaming EU about 2 weeks ago. I finished my Graduation on NI and did some hunting but plan on returning soon as i barely scratched the surface. I also plan of creating some youtube content around the planet.
I would like to be considered for this program and the armor reward for the next time I return which will be soon. If someone can message or fill me in that would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure if links are allowed here so I will wait for someone to message me.

Thank you!