CRP23 Registration Thread

Please supply links to your youtube and twitch channel

Please clarify

A small clarification.
Registering can be done at any time it is not limited to being done before the event starts.

It is intended so we can do the leaderboard and be aware of the streamers and video creators and can follow your work as well as be aware who are doing events or missions to know who to look out for.

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EU IGN: mindaugas minchas kvasiakas
Cat: mission/quest writing

EU IGN: SpikE SpikE Odets

Will be streaming Daily Missions / casual hunting.

Twitch link: Twitch

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I am going to record 10 hours of me sweating so you can sleep better listening to the sound.

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IGN: Auberon Night Night
I will hold weekly rally races.
I will supply the vehicles and fuel and races will cross over rough terrain and pass through mob areas.
Routes and vehicles may change weekly but an overall winner will be crowned.

I may do a mission as well still thinking about that

That sounds fantastic. Should put it up on soundcloud too. hehe

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Hashirama Ecorze Senju
Registering as a streamer

Jungle Stalker Amazon
Registering for YT

I would like to register as a streamer.
I havent been to Next Island yet so i wanna stream how it is as a new visitor to come to Next Island.
Hopefully it will inspire others to visit Next Island and try it for themselfes.

Stream: Twitch

IGN: Brumle Brumle Hunter

Hope you want me in this Program :wink:

Name: Denis SNZ Davidov
Catogeries: Mission/Quest writing/ Video content
Youtube content : Snz74ru - YouTube

Name: Proffessor Warren Rice
Catogeries: Mission/Quest writing

Avatar: Bob Quasher Bobby
Categories: streaming (mission , hunting , mining)
Chanel: Twitch

Name: Ready Aim Fire
Youtube: Youtube
Twitch: Twitch

I am planning to stream hunting and missions. I will also be releasing mission tutorials on my youtube channel and probably running some events although I haven’t nailed down exactly what I plan to do with those yet.

Steve StevieB Braggs
Youtube: EarnPed With StevieB - YouTube

I’ll probably be doing events as well, who knows may even throw some lore in there. Planned events time permitting are:

Fight Club (group hunt for uber items)
Suicide Squad (like zychion skilling but on NI)
Murder She Wrote (group pvp event)
Whole Lotta Nude Aint XXX Fashion Show (mankini contest)
Blockade Day (we blockade a planet no one lands no one leaves)

Just put me down for all the cats and grab your popcorn

Cleopatra VII Pholopator
Mission/Quest writing

all categories? so stevieb streams coming then xD

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Name: Aleksey Random RPG
Catogeries: Mission/Quest writing/ Video content Youtube Videos
Youtube content : Peccatori

Potentially. Depending on if I get things squared away with my isp or change isp. Also kinda in the middle of converting the studio back to an apartment so streaming will just depend on many factors.