CRP23 Registration Thread

Registering as a streamer
Full Avatar Name: Penelope Penny Lane

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Registering as a streamer
Full Avatar Name: Din Dindom Dindazzle

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avatar name : ashley ash fredrickson

registering to do quest writing


Avatar name: Fatteus Fatty Thorsson

Registering to do Quest Writing

Can’t wait to flex my creative muscles. I’m ready, baby!

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Avatar: one crappy player
Category Streamer
Twitch streaming Twitch

Kenpachi SilentCrow BlackFalcon

Catagory = streaming again via twitch.

Twitch link = KennEU08 - Twitch

Looking forward to another stint on next island, please be kind with lootius this time =)

Avatar: Akiyoshi HueLord3000 Hara
Catagory: Youtube: Hara - YouTube

Been a bit busy with some new software will catch up and update leaderboard before the end of the week. As said before the registration is not limited to before a certain date so if you posted here you are good to go. Just follow the rules and make some magic.


Avatar; mmolatino El-demente youtube
Category: Youtube Videos

Thanks all for registering so far.
Busy with the sheet now.
I have to smile at how many went for missions.
You do realise that is by far the hardest category.

Not if you are sinking about it for the last 10-15 years :rofl:

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Signing up as a streamer!

Temptress Hakalugi Ripper

Twitch Name

Registering as a Streamer/Video content
Anatol RidRock Bondarenko

Ingame name: Ivoner Hump Alot


catergorie will be hunting and trying out the questing side

Registering as a streamer
Sentinel Savageaf Dude

Avatar: Maria Tsunade Magdalena

Category: Streaming etc maybe

Stream: Twitch

Name: Dark Kacu Knight


Ingame nickname: Danila Burenka Ta
YT youtube /@z85tv/streams
TW twitch /burenkagen

idea : first time at NI, although a decade in game, planet to chill, planet no-to-grind-but-fun, or smth


My nickname to game: Konstantin Avalonis Spiridonov

twitch: Twitch
Константин Спиридонов - YouTube

idea: planet to chill, planet no togrind(hunt and maybe mining) ty


In game name: Czumbil Mczimi Imre

twitch: Twitch

idea to stream: long session of daily hunting, some TWN hunting and maybe mining.