CRP23 Registration Thread

I would like to register for this-

in game name= ZZ IMAGE MARSHALL

Streaming on twitch - big mobs, boss spawns, daily quests, rare loot hunts


its been a while. id like to register as a streamer
i plan to do sweat events with giveaways and maybe even handing newbies guns to do small hunt events

in game name is MERLIN STAR BLAZER

Registering as a streamer
Maria Funnyfufu Awesomecakes

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Twitch, Salty Wisp - YouTube

In game Name: Benjamin Ben Coyote

Event: Mission/Quest writing

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David WestGhoster Carson

Twitch and Lore and Events

Thank you

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Name: Juan juanzorro1997 Pepo
Catogeries: Video content Youtube Videos
Youtube content : Juanzorro1997

Iโ€™ve been making a Hunting Guide on youtube for the Spanish speaking community for years :slight_smile:

Pugnus Amryu Tonitrus

Category: Streaming (Twitch)

twtv/amryu (Sorry, I canโ€™t post links for some reason. But I think you get the gist)

Avatar: Artem InTeam Svoikin
Categories: streaming (mission , hunting , mining, sawing, craft, and fun))
Chanel: [Twitch] inteamentropia

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Hi all,

Registered as Streamer (and occasional YouTube videos)

IGN: Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa

BladeOfAkire - Twitch
Blade of Akire - YouTube

Name: Jack Ace Kingsman
Categories: Mission/Quest Writing

Sending this to register.

Name: Aleph Levi Benzait
Category: Mission/Quest Writing

Name: BobehZ LiveOn Kick
Category: Live Streamer / Youtuber
Mostly Hunting, some mining but mostly a lot of laughs with drinks and a good vibes :slight_smile:

Name: Jeffy Kakan Andreasson

Category: Streaming Twitch

Hunting most of time