Entrolympics BluePrints (Answered)

Entrolympics is a 1 year long event happening every 2 years.

-Entrolympic Events 2020
-Entrolympic Events 2018

One of the objectivs is to one day reward participants with simple items but created for Entrolympics.

  • Entrolympics Shirt Blueprint
  • Entrolympics Torch Blueprint

I suggest NI Devs Team to collab and create 2 unlimited blueprints that will allow me to craft the two items above with Next Island materials.


Nice. I approve!
But isn’t it just NIlympics?

:smiley: Haha, it’s true “the Missing Emissaries - Pre Entrolympic Events 2022” are happening on Next Island but Entrolympics is mostly oriented to all Entropia Universe as maximum as possible.

Of course, it would be awsome if NI Devs Team accept to sponsor Entrolympic Events 2022 by providing me the BluePrints, I’m even ready to pay for it, or it could be non tradable…I still would considere that super cool ;

The Entrolympic Shirt & Torch can become participation prize, for an event that will happend in Next Island only if that is one of their recommendations.

Hey Jo,

Thanks for the suggestion, though to be clear we would never give any player unlimited blueprints for this kind of thing, in the interest of fairness and balancing (as these could be used outside of the event, for profit, with a BP only you would have in the game).

However, the idea of custom clothes etc as prizes for big events is certainly something we can look at doing. It comes down to our workload and priority, as well as how long until the event.

Please send me a message with the relevant event details and we can discuss more :slight_smile: