Entropia Universe 20 Year Celebration

In case anyone missed it, although I doubt it as it is the hottest topic in town.
“Starting (yesterday), you can discover exclusive TWEN Edition items throughout Entropia Universe! During the celebration of TWEN (Twentieth Entropia New Year), you have a chance to loot TWEN Edition items. This is an opportunity for all Entropians throughout the Universe and includes all mobs on all planets and in space.”

For the full event information see Entropia Universe – 20 Years of Entropia Universe

Happy birthday Entropia

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Does anyone still believe that “All Entropia Universe” is different from “Only Calypso”? I doubt we’ll see NIP Twen Edition…

Right now, from the information I have, special item drops are only on Caly.
This will change though, and once we know when we will inform the community.

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Unreal tokens drop only on Caly too?

I see I forgot to change my reply here.
As you may have seen yesterday, all planets Discords made a correction since MA has stated that it can drop on any planet. And that has been confirmed as well with a TWEN drop today on Cyrene.
I’m sorry I forgot about this thread. Everything that can drop on Caly can also drop anywhere else.
More info on Discord.