NITA 1 Year Anniversary Event

It has been a year since we started offering free teleporter runs all over Next Island and Ancient Greece. We’ve had a lot of fun and lost a few people to the scary snakes. Our death tp run is one of my favourite runs to do.

To celebrate we will be running a few events, details to follow. I will be also streaming the event.

3rd April
Stream will start at 1.30pm game time 2023-04-03T13:30:00Z
events will start around 2pm game time 2023-04-03T14:00:00Z

The event will start with a air show from paradise landing to carnival island. Bring your Gungnir, those that bring a their gungnir will receive 1 ped of oil those that bring another form of flying vehicle will recieve 0.5 ped of oil. There will be giveaways sponsored by Happyfeet on the stream so make sure to tune in. Twitch

We will be doing a scavenger hunt based on the tps we travel to. There is a prize for the person that gets the most points in the scavenger hunt. Each round will have a prize of 0.5 ped oil. We will be using the #nita channel in game. Details will be revealed closer to the date to avoid anyone cheating. During this time I will put meowbles (marbles) up on the stream to avoid people using the stream to cheat with.

There will be 1 marble races per location. (trying to reduce it so you’re not just watching marbles for the whole stream.)

If people haven’t found the location within the first marbles race a hint will be added to the stream. Winner of the marbles will win one of the prizes donated by Happyfeet. You will have the choice of a gun or a heal tool.

We are using oil as the scavenger round prizes and event air show as a celebration of the oil we use during the tp runs.

Rules of the scavenger hunt:
There will be 8 stages and 8 riddles. (Cat is writing the riddles herself so they wont be great.)
Marble Race: If no one has found me within the first race a clue will be revealed. Cat will also turn her screen on in the stream to reveal her location (her compass will be covered so you must work it out from the scene).

I will also turn on my screen if I see green dots close to my location. Marbles will still be running in a smaller screen during that time.

The person that trades me FIRST will receive 0.5 ped oil and 1 point. There will be a total of 8 points.
The person with the most points at the end will win the final prize.

This will be the first (and possibly last) time I will use marbles in this way. As much as I love marbles, having a lot of a good thing can make you ill xD hopefully cat crosses fingers that wont happen but we shall see.

For information on nita check Next Island Travel Agency
Hope to see you all there.

I should also have @MissWatson as my guest in voice chat on the stream.

(some of this may be edited later)


One thing I will say for this event you must be on Next Island to take part in the stream giveaways. This is a event to celebrate NITA and as such is a Next Island orientated event.

For the scavenger hunt

Avatar Points
Night 1
Dbug 1
Dragon 1
Hono 4
Beni 1

Each point is equal to 1 ped of oil Hono won the main prize for collected the most points [Tomtebloss] I will post the riddles below for you all to try guess at xD

I Hope everyone is ready for today, I think I am :joy_cat:

Let’s go! :helicopter:

Riddle 1
To find the cat you must seek, a snake that cannot sleep.
In this place of wooden walls, lies a bridge where you must not fall.
Inside the dragons keep you will find, a empty hall but you shouldn’t mind
What you seek you must jump, till you hear a mighty thump

Riddle 2
Were the sea turns into waves, you will find the second stage.
First is not always best, but be warned you cannot rest
Down the falling water you must slide, where a cat can always hide.
In the water shining green, you will find a baby queen

Riddle 3
Upon the hill a forest lies, where smoke billows to the skies
Where the twin mountains meet, a rock up high you must greet.
To get up high you can fly, but on the ledge you might die.

Riddle 4
I gnaw and nash on hunters far and wide, on the edge of a cliff side
My legs can hold me way up high; they know I want to meet the sky
The fire down below, is nothing but a warming glow.

Riddle 5
In the place where snakes reside, avoid them as they glide
What you seek you may not see; northwest is the place be
Around the tree of wooden planks you must climb
Till you find a platform lost in time.

Riddle 6
Four totems you will find, each one was supposed to bind
Be on the lookout for a cat, be careful not to go splat.
Below the balcony of stone, you will find the cat that stands alone

Riddle 7
Water flows above the cave, you’re legs will shake but just be brave
Climbing up you will find, a water of a different kind
You can walk or you can run, but swimming cannot be done.

Riddle 8
Where you started all this fun, you will soon be done
Many flowers you will see, up high you must be.
A leap of faith is what you need, but not to where most will lead.

stream video once I edit it I’ll add the new link

photo from today taken by night