Next Island Festival

Carnival Island is a place of year long fun and celebration. But xmas and new years happens only once a year. So to celebrate xmas and the new year and to do so in the spirit of carnival island we bring you the Next Island Festival!
Join us for hours of fun in the sun.
Racing, sweating, killing or getting killed and strutting your stuff in an all out bonanza of crazy. Don’t hide your crazy, come to the festival and let it all out.

Official Streamers will be awarding prizes on their streams that will be handed out in game

This event is brought to you by:
NeverNight Shop on Carnival Island
BIG Industries
Rebs shop at Crystal Bay

with assistance from
Next Island dev team
rawr from ArchAngels and his team of streamers
Helping On Next Island Society with hosts and support


Free warp to NI by BIG Ind 2022-12-16T20:00:00Z2022-12-16T20:30:00Z
Getting Ready 2022-12-17T13:00:00Z2022-12-17T14:00:00Z
Getting together 2022-12-17T14:00:00Z2022-12-17T14:30:00Z
Parade 2022-12-17T14:30:00Z2022-12-17T15:00:00Z
Getting Sweaty 2022-12-17T15:00:00Z2022-12-17T17:00:00Z
Bumpercar Race 2022-12-17T17:15:00Z2022-12-17T17:30:00Z
Strider Challenge 2022-12-17T17:45:00Z2022-12-17T18:00:00Z
Chimera Hunt 2022-12-17T18:00:00Z2022-12-17T19:00:00Z
Famished Fish 2022-12-17T18:00:00Z2022-12-17T19:00:00Z
Battle Royale #1 2022-12-17T19:00:00Z2022-12-17T19:30:00Z
Battle Royale #2 2022-12-17T20:00:00Z2022-12-17T20:30:00Z
Big Boy Hunt 2022-12-17T20:30:00Z2022-12-17T21:55:00Z
Free warp back to Calypso, Arkadia, Cyrene 2022-12-18T17:00:00Z2022-12-18T17:30:00Z

Getting Ready!
A special day needs a special hairstyle. Come to Rebs shop at Crystal Beach and get a hairstyle for 1pec. A not to be repeated offer by the famous adventurer and hairstylist extraordinaire and one of the original islanders from back when TP’s still trapped you under them, the buildings were all tiki and mining was devoid of praetonium or dark lysterium.
We supply the hairspray and you supply the pec
So come and have a go.
Limited space available due to time so make sure you get there early

Getting Together!

Come together at the disco and shake what you momma gave ya while we wait for the parade to start. Show of your ride and park you car on the beach and relax with some chat and drinks. Remember to grab a bowl of chilli at the restaurant.
There is no better way to show your enthusiasm than by sharing some green gas with your friends.
If you feel adventurous take the drink challenge and have a Limited Special Drink. Its on the house


Everyone bring a vehicle, any vehicle, the weirder and fancier the better but ANY vehicle will do. Loan one, buy one, use a free starter vehicle but don’t run. This is a drive fest of note. Speed does not matter, looks does not matter. Broken or new, customized or stock standard. Lets drive!
Starting at the beach in front of the Disco Station.
Then everyone jump into their vehicles and follow the parade driving North (towards the pet station) and following the road around the island until we reach the Carnival entrance TP and go park on the heart.
Let us see if we can fill the heart with vehicles
**Players to leave their car here for a few minutes so the official streamers can record the scene.

Getting Sweaty

After the parade everyone to gather at[Next Island, 131836, 84222, 101, Waypoint]], the area behind the race track and club fight and next to Carolines for getting sweaty.
Two Hours of sweating dev spawned boss mobs with heal support (if needed) and giveaways.
Tune in to the official streamers on twitch as they will also be doing giveaways.
Sweat will be bought at 2,5ped/k - 2k per person

Bumpercar Race

After the sweat event we will have a bumpercar race on the new track. Do not take the in game race this will be freestyling. 5 laps around the track will determine our winners.
The track is easy the cars drive like a dream but a track so narrow with this many cars is bound to create confusion. For those with strong will and good eyes.
Dude wheres my car?

Strider Challenge

After the bumpercar race we bring you the strider challenge.
Think you are a good driver? Can you drive your strider from Crystal Lake up to the Restaurant at the End of the Galaxy?
Better have nerves of steel this is not a challenge for anyone scared of heights or unable to handle pressure.
The first 3 to reach the top using a strider must run inside and trade with the host for their prizes.

Chimera Hunt

After the races we get to the killing. Go to Spartan Training Grounds for a chimera hunt. Special event prizes for this hunt.

Famished Fish

For those not into hunting chimera we introduce the famished fish a new type of shark that drops special loot in an area called Ship Collision where the thieving papoos crashed the ships they stole from Thebes Market.

Battle Royale

2 PVP events in the pit.

Lightweight - under 150hp
Heavyweight - Over 150hp

Most pvp points win in an all out battle for supremacy. Anything goes in this battle. No quarter give and none asked. Do not step inside if you are not willing to fight for survival. Brutal, bloody and exciting.

Big Boy Hunt


Hunting shared loot dev spawned mobs using any weapon you have. Dead bodies all over but globals or hofs are on the cards. North West of Pergamon TP right close to the myrinians and centaurs so don’t go exploring unless you can take them on.

Official Streamers: (Links and timeslots to be added shortly)
Fire Dbug
Sarah Watson
Shaman Lotus

Summary of Prizes: (To be added shortly)

Hunts are on event areas not owned land so they are untaxed.
There is a cooldown between events therefore the 30minutes between the 2 PVP events


This is pure awsomness!!! Looking forward to it!!!

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I’m looking forward to it as well.
Hopefully this is the start of a tradition that will last for a long time.
Good luck to everyone in the various competitions and hope you all have a good time! :slight_smile: