Carnival Day Events

When: 30th August
Where: Carnival Island
/wp [Next Island, 131547, 84457, 102, Carnival Island]

We will be Celebrating the birth of Carnival Island which was created in memory of our Founder David Post. The 30th August is a very special day for Islanders and we hope as many of you as possible can join us in our celebrations

Event organisers: Watson, Night, Cat, Dbug
Message me if you would like to be added to the list of event organisers, remember to let me know your idea so I can add it to the list. Or if you want to donate items for the event. My ign is Pollianna cat1000er Fairling

Streamers: Miss Watson, Cat1000er, Bunker
Message me if you would like to be added to the list of streamers on the island that day. My ign is Pollianna cat1000er Fairling

List of events
(these will be edited with rules/info and times at a later date)

  • Bumper Car Race
  • Submarine Race
  • Hunt
  • Screecher Race
  • Special SSI at Wet circle
  • Trivia
  • Dev spawn

Event timetable
(subject to change)

Date Event Location Time Start Time end Real Life Time Host
29th August Free Warp Caly, Cyrene, Ark To NI 20:00 21:00 8:00 PM→9:00 PM BIG Industries
29th August NITA tp Run Paradise Landing 22:00 22:30 10:00 PM→10:30 PM cat1000er
30th August NITA tp Run Paradise Landing 12:00 12:30 12:00 PM→12:30 PM cat1000er
30th August Free pet Touch Me2 13:00 14:00 1:00 PM→2:00 PM cat1000er
30st August Heros’ Folly/White Wasteland Hunt Crystal Lake 15::00 16:30 cat1000er]
30th August Submarine Race Carnival Island Docks(next to TP) 17:00 18:00 5:00 PM→6:00 PM Night
30th August SSI Carnival Edition Wet Circle 19:00 22:00 7:00 PM→10:00 PM Night, Warrior
30th August Bumper Car Race Rollercoster 20:00 21:00 8:00 PM→9:00 PM Miss Watson
30th August Screecher Race Crystal Lake 22:00 23:00 10:00 PM→10:59 PM cat1000er
30th August Trivia Stream/throughout the day 22:00 TBD Dbug
31st August Free Warp NI to Ark, Caly, Cyrene 20:00 21:00 8:00 PM→9:00 PM Rawr66

BIG Industries
Rawr66 Warp Service SF28
Items Donated By:
Mrozik, Hono, Miss Watson, cat1000er, DBug, Night, Jaysun Do0kie Solaria, Bluetail
Rented Items From:
Purple, Mrozik

Event has been created in honour of David Post, this is a event supported by the Next Island Dev Team

To sponsor the event or add items to the prize pool contact cat, Bug, Miss Watson or Night.

Warp Note:
On the 29th August you must be in your planets warp team by 19:45 Game time. Planet warp team leaders will be assigned and advertised on the day in that planets chat. This warp will be hosted by BIG Industries

Big Rep Planet Warp Contact
Arkadia: Root
Cyrene: Etrisa
Calypso: Night

On the 31st August the Warp team will be set up from NI the warp provider will be Rawr66, if you are already on his guest list there is no need to be added to the warp team

SSI Carnival Edition

(Details to follow)

Location: Wet Circle
Time: 19:00-22:00 game time
Special SSI on Carnival Day

SSI is run by Big Industries and as such this is their event so anyone taking part must follow the rules of SSI.

Submarine Race

Join us for the first ever submarine race in Entropia on 30 August @ 17:00
A unique experience and fun race.

Starting from The Carnival Island Docks doing one lap around the island while never breaking through the water and avoiding getting stuck on the bottom.
Should you go deeper and have a longer race or shallower and risk grinding to a halt on the sand?
We leave that up to you.
Prizes for the winners and gifts for all who take part.

Only 14 vehicles available so book your spot by commenting here that you want to take part.

Sign up at: Submarine Race on Carnival Day

Screecher Race

Where: Crystal Lake
When: 22:00 Game time


  1. Only eat the lollipop when I say Go! You will not be able to hear me once you are a chicken. Once you are a chicken follow rule 2
  2. Run as fast as you can, you must run over the lily pads to reach the other side. Once at the other side race to the finish line
  3. You Must Cross the Finish Line. Someone will shoot you at the finish line the order will be determined by who is shot first, second and third. We cannot tell who is who when you are a mob, this means the shooter is non bias and it will come down to who is shot first.
  4. Once you die you will probably end up at Riverside View, tp back to Carnival and head to Touch Me2

Finish line indicated below you must cross in the direction of the arrow

Please be mindful that mobs cannot swim, and other people can kill you. I strongly advice that you do not kill the racers as this will get you banned from any future cat events.

There will be three winners for this event

NOTE: I will provide some lollipops but if possible take a day to do the race and gather 1 screecher lollipop. I don’t have many so please reply to this thread to book a lollipop

5 [NI Carnival Ticket Gold]
5 [NI Carnival Ticket Silver]
5 [NI Carnival Ticket Bronze

Bumper Car Race

There will be 3 Rounds Max (depending how many will attend)

Each round will consist of 1 Lap. You will be split randomly into a max of 6 groups.

The top 3 of each round will move onto the next round until the final where our Rollercoaster Champions will be crown the best 3 of the track.

Top Three of Round 1 (In any group)
1 [NI Carnival Ticket Bronze] each

Top Three of Round 2 (In any group)
2 [NI Carnival Ticket Bronze] each

Top Finalist
5 [NI Carnival Ticket Gold]
5 [NI Carnival Ticket Silver]
5 [NI Carnival Ticket Bronze]

Bumper cars will be available to rent on the day, Please reply to this thread so we know to save one for you.

Rally Race

Night will be adding details later on the Rally race, there will be a Max number of participants allowed due to the limit on vehicle numbers.

NITA tp run

There will be 2 teleporter runs, one on the 29th and one on the 30th for information on the Next Island travel Agency Click Here


Current lollipop stock: 28
Current bumper cars for loan: 22
(I believe there will be more to rent)

To reserves a bumper car and/or lollipop:
Reply with your In Game Name (IGN) with which items you wish to reserve.

List of names reserving lollipops and cars to be used in the event

# Name Lollipop Bumper Car Nights Event
1 Honö Âmaer Feocennodé yes yes yes
2 Xx Purplebong xX yes
3 Nenad Nenadfreak88 Vukic yes yes yes
4 Lilith Aurora Morningstar yes yes yes
5 mindaugas minchas kvasiakas yes
6 Kamil Mrozik Strzelec yes
7 Louis Louhearty Heartfield yes yes
8 UltraSonic DeltaAce LapeSnape yes yes yes
9 Troll Loki Troll yes yes yes
10 Vadya Kamnejuy RuUa yes yes
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Sounds like a lot of fun.
Keep a car and a lolipop for me, please.

Honö Âmaer Feocennodé

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One lolipop please.

Xx Purplebong xX

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I want a lolipop and a car please.

Nenad Nenadfreak88 Vukic

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I’d like a car and a lolipop pls

Lilith Aurora Morningstar

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Hey there, can i reserve a car and lollipop please?

Louis Louhearty Heartfield - IGN


Can I get a car and a lolipop please?
IGN: UltraSonic DeltaAce LapeSnape

Can i join to night event and reserve Lolipop and Bumper Car?
Troll Loki Troll (IGN)

Can i reserve Lolipop and Bumper car pleasse?
Vadya Kamnejuy RuUa (IGN)
Thank you!