Panic at the Disco

I know its a little bit early to be posting this but…
(More info will be added)

Join me for a afternoon of madness at Carnival Island!
When: 28th October 2023
Time: 16:00 Game Time (subject to change)

As some of you might know its my birthday on the 28th, so we will be having a reverse prezzy day like every year for the past (I believe) 2 years.

There will be 2 events

Race to the Disco!

More details will be added closer to the time as it will be a surprize race.

Prizes for the race
1st place:
[NeoPsion 30 Mindforce Implant] 3.37 ped tt

2nd Place
[Bamboo Fishing Pole] 6.69 ped

3rd Place

Panic at the Disco

The Disco has been invaded by mobs!!! Help us clear the mobs from the dance floor for a chance to win prizes.

A series of player controlled mobs will be spawned the last kill shot on the mob will win the prize that host is carrying. The winner will be determined by the system log.


  • Only player hosts will count for prizes, if there are dev spawns they will not count as I cannot tell who the last kill was.

  • Last kill shot only will get the prize this will be determined by: Avatar Killed Host in they system chat

  • There is no official limit on dps but try to make the event fair for lower level players by using a lower dps gun

Official hosts for this event

I am looking for hosts that have certain profession levels
Hosts will be paid 9 ped per hour of the event

Profession lvl
Animal Investigator 15
Mutant Investigator 4
Robot Investigator 12
Human Investigator 10

Reserved for hiring Bumper cars