Cat's Birthday Event

I have a few events in the works for the 28th of October, so I guess it will be a reverse present giving day xD I have many things to give away. Timings will be decided a little later. A sneak peak of events to come

Vehicle Scan and Guess

Vehicle Spawn time: 17:00-22:00 GAME TIME
Close Time for Guesses: 22:00 GAME TIME (after SSI)
Place: Shepherd’s Beach

:blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car:
Come Join our Vehicle show case, both Soul and Waffles will be spawning vehicles, feel free to scan them, also feel free to count them :smile_cat: there will be a guessing game at the end. You may write your guess in the forum or pm me, Eki or Draxar in game with your guess on the day. The combined number will be Souls, Waffles and My vehicles.

Words of Warning There are two possibilities:
One: Not ALL vehicles will be spawned OR
Two: There may be more vehicles than the set in stone amount, so counting them all will only give you an idea of what number it is.

The total number of vehicles sent to the verifier (jo) is the one that will count as the final number

To Make a Guess reply with your IGN with your number one guess per person guessing will close at the end of SSI
:blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car: :helicopter::blue_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :racing_car:


First Place
  • [Aeglic Ring, Adjusted]
  • [Whiskers]
  • [Motorhead Keg]
  • [Silver Party Flask]
  • 0.5 Ped [Oil]
Second Place
  • [Jungle Shorts (F,C)]
  • [Decorative Magic Flower]
  • [Kitty]
  • [Silver Party Flask]
  • [Motorhead Keg]
  • 0.5 Ped [Oil]
Third Place
  • 1 Ped [Oil]
  • [Kitty]
  • [Silver Party Flask]
  • [Motorhead Keg]

Participants will all get [Motorhead Keg], [Hurricane Cocktail] and 0.2 Ped [Oil]

Eki Quizz

Time: During SSI 21:00-22:00 GAME TIME
Place: Crystal Peak
Come join in with a very special edition of the Eki Quizz as always Eki quizzes are full of questions you may know the answer to and some you may not. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 participants will also get a little something for taking part.

It will also be a special SSI where there will be a SECOND question for EVERYONE to answer regardless of if you have won the SSI question or above 41 agi, but keep your eye out as there will be many many questions that day.

10 players will be able to sell 1k sweat at the rate of 2.5 ped.

First Place will get a pretty [Tomtebloss]

Monkeyin' Around Papoo Race

:tada: ITS BACK :tada:

Join Us for another edition of the papoo race.

Time: 19:30-20:30 GAME TIME

Start point: Screeching Hollow
End point: Shepherds Beach.
Host’s: Eki, Draxar and Me

:monkey_face: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey_face:


  • One Pill Per Person Who has SIGNED up and stated they would like a pill

Please only use this for the event and don’t run off and TT it, the pills were bought from others in support of helping others. (if you do that, no harm done but you may be banned if we create an other monkey event. These events are for fun and not for ped)

  • The race is about fun, Papoo’s don’t run fast so it’ll be more about the route you take over the mountains to determine your place in the race. (be aware that once your a mob you act like a mob meaning other players can kill you)

  • The winners will be determined by the host who will shoot them at the end.

  • Have Fun

How the event will run:

You will meet a host at Screeching Hollow, if you need this tp transport can be arranged from Paradise Landing. They will then hand out pills to those that signed up. If for any reason people don’t show up these pills WILL be given to those that are there.

WAIT for the signal.

You may click consume on the pill. DO NOT PRESS OK YET. As papoo’s can’t understand the local chat you will have to wait as humans for the signal

Once the host shouts GOOOOO you may consume the pill and race to the end wp.

Winners will be determined by who is shot first at the end. as we do not know who is who as a papoo this will be down to who is shot first.


First Place
  • [Chef’s Pan] (tt 3.59)
  • [Regeneration Chip 1 (L)]
  • [Mawlood Recruit Eagle (L)]
  • [Sapphire Chirin Dragon Pet]
  • [Skeleton Gold]
Second Place
  • [L.A.R.A. Plushie] (tt 0.46)
  • [Mawlood Recruit Eagle (L)]
  • [Fanoos Medical V1 (L)]
  • [Lofven Papoo]
  • [Skeleton Gold]
Third Place
  • [Julbock]
  • [Mawlood Recruit Eagle (L)]
  • [Fanoos Medical V1 (L)]
  • [Lofven Papoo]
  • [Skeleton Gold]

More prizes may be added.
Participants will all get a little something for taking part.

All ending with a dance party and random giveaways at Carolines

For the Papoo race Please sign up with your IGN below to secure a papoo pill. This will just make it easier on the day.

Also feel free to post your Guess here for the Vehicle Spawn.

  • ONE Guess Per Participant.
  • You may NOT choose a number someone else has picked. This will go on the time it was posted.

Please add your IGN so that if you win we can find you for your prize This number has been decided and will be sent to a second person (Jo Johaoninho90 jo) who can verify it. You may post your guesses or wait till the day

After SSI at Crystal Peak the rewards for the Eki Quzz and Vehicle Guess will be awarded.

Times are as followed (subject to change)

Vehicle Scan and Guess
Location: Shepherd’s Beach
17:00-22:00 GAME TIME

Monkeyin’ Around Papoo Race
Location: Screeching Hollow
19:30-20:30 GAME TIME

SSI & Eki Quizz
Location: Crystal Peak
21:00-22:00 GAME TIME

Prizes for the Quizz and Guess winner will be handed out after SSI.

Special Thanks to:

Owner of the Trade Post 4
The Enchanted Trading Post IV is open…
/wp [Next Island, 125388, 93101, 168, The Enchanted Trading Post IV]
Enjoy shopping or relax in the bongy garden… and Shop owner of the Jolly Hoffer on Rocktropia

The Leader of CoW and bear head enthusiasts. Also a secret hoarder but wont admit is. Check out he’s stall next to mine at Thebes Market.
/wp [Ancient Greece, 36230, 20270, 112, Waffles Stall]

Creator of events and SSI host. Jo has given advise to many event creators while running his own events . Check out Jo’s Missing Emissaries - Pre Entrolympic Events 2022 event.

Thanks for some cute prizes for the event. Night is a fellow Islander who was here waaayyyy before me :smile_cat: he’s a host for SSI and creates some fun and interesting events for Islanders.

Signed up for Papoo Race
  • Alek Gozzy Abernor
  • Beni Mons Benjoue
  • Lotsa Lucky Luck
  • ethel ethel gant
  • Alex L1 Sult
  • grunt
Vehicle Number Guesses
IGN Guess
Rathmullah Nadja Haya 31
Pera Grunt Detlic 139
ethel ethel gant 87
Vidmantas Vill Laukys 130
lotsa luck 147
gozzy 99
beni 23
minchas 70
nakor 105
eki 69
drax 60
king 37
Alex L1 50

fine, reg me Cat :slight_smile:
want to join


Please add me for the race. You always throw great parties. :star_struck: :rofl: :innocent:


Wish you best of luck on your event and a happy birthday even though I can’t make it!!


bump for this birthday party events !

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Happy birthday Cat!!! (Birthday bump!)


can’t understand what is number but I guess the number 99 XD

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my guess is 70. Happy birtday cat

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Happy birthday, princess of Next Island!

My guess is 105

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Happy birthday Cat!!!

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Happy Brithday Princess ! and my guess is 69.
Ekimose Desnago Born

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Happy B-day again
My guess is 60 !
David Draxar Born :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy Birthday Cat!!
my guess is 37

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This marks the end of the event, thanks so much to everyone that showed up and took part I had a fantastic time. But now time for the vehicle guess results…

The number of vehicles was 115 (jo can verify)
This means the winners are
1st place: nakor
2nd place: Vill
3rd place: Gozzy


Nice after party at Carolines !!


A few snaps from yesterday, wish I had taken more xD

video-cats birthday party on entropia - YouTube xD don’t mind the bad filming and quality.


Happy last birthday!

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