Sweat Support Initiative (SSI)

On week days at 9pm and weekends at 3pm BIG Industries hosts the Sweat Support Initiave (SSI) at Crystal Peak.
Find the circles in the sand and you have the right place.
With free healing and under 41 agility players having a chance to sell sweat to the host at 2,5ped/k it is a must for new players.

But lets face it, SSI is the tavern where we meet and socialize everyday. Catch up on news, gossip, game updates and jokes(do not judge the circle on my jokes please not every joke was born equal)
And a special treat, we have some hosts rotating from Calypso and Arkadia(so you can hear other jokes than mine for a change)
Dr Clausius
Of course the islanders Avy, Gozzy, Zessti and Night will be hosting as well
And maybe even more.

Join us for some sweating, some laughing, bit of dying(I swear I clicked the button there was lag its not my fault) and some general socializing.
There may be other sweat events but there is one One SSI.


SSI 22nd April - BIG turnout :slight_smile:

SSI 29th of April - Also a BIG turnout :slight_smile:

SSI 6th of May. BIG turnout as per usual these days :slight_smile: One players also adopted one of my pet pandas wich always makes me happy :slight_smile: Have plenty that needs a new home!

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Fun times
Dead people everywhere. lol
I mean mobs. dead mobs. No one died who said that?

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SSI 13th of May. We had alot of fun and some of our dear islanders made some…let us say not so clean (adult) jokes… xD


SSI 20th of May. Cat showed of her pretty Kitty Cat and BlackSOL decided to give a helping hand with the healing :slight_smile: Always appriciated! Joseph decided to adopt one of my pet pandas. Always happy to see my pets find a loving home.


SSI 27th of May. Aoife adopted one of my dogs (wich made both me and the puppy happy). So was a good one. We discussed the upcoming VU teaser and sweated many blue birdys!


I’m ready to sweat xD

SSI 21st of June. New faces at the circle and a participent decided to take care of one of my kittys. Hope that they will ike eachother. Cat showed of her fancy purple dragon wings xD

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SSI 22nd of June. As the midsummer festival in Sweden draws near we like to put on big Fires :slight_smile: but Instead of doing that we sweated alot of the green fire :slight_smile: Ryn had the coolest look of the evening I would say!