Pre-SSI (pressi) 25&26 April

So because you all are awesome and SSI is like the local bar where we all hang out we from the BIG SSI decided to have 2 extra sessions on the 25th and 26th of April.
From 8pm till 9pm on 25 and 26 April we will have an Additional sweat event with the same rules as a normal SSI buying up to 10k sweat.
Hosted by Zessti returning from his meditation in the mountains.
There will also be some brain teasers and prizes to go with the usual sweating and chatting.
Followed by the usual SSI where another batch of sweat will be bought.
Come join the fun and welcome back our long lost Zessti to the island and take some of his stuff. :wink:


Will be there for sure! :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for showing up and an extra well done to the people that won during the Trivia. Hope to see you all tomorrow also!


Thanks for all the people that showed up. I had alot of fun with you guys :))))) and extra grats to the people who won pans and guns and shrapp for hunting. You made my day <3