Submarine Race on Carnival Day

Join us for the first ever submarine race in Entropia on 30 August @ 17:00
A unique experience and fun race.

Starting from The Carnival Island Docks doing one lap around the island while never breaking through the water and avoiding getting stuck on the bottom.
Should you go deeper and have a longer race or shallower and risk grinding to a halt on the sand?
We leave that up to you.
Prizes for the winners and gifts for all who take part.

Only 14 vehicles available so book your spot by commenting here that you want to take part.


Hi Night, congrats on your new idea. I’m certainly curious to try it out. Count on me and, please, save a vehicle for me.

Honö Âmaer Feocennodé

ok im gone

Can I book one vehicle please?

Nenad Nenadfreak88 Vukic

I’d like to book a vehicle pls

Lilith Aurora Morningstar

sprae one for me, IGN: mindaugas minchas kvasiakas

Count me in
Kamil Mrozik Strzelec

Add me please…
IGN: UltraSonic DeltaAce LapeSnape