Release Notes 17.23.0

New Content:

  • Next Island celebrates becoming a teenager with 13 new micro estates in the fishing lake. Some deeds will be available via auction later in December and some will be given as prizes in hunting events at the Spartan Training Grounds 1-3 of December and via a photo contest. (more info on the forum and the “teeni-competition” channel on Discord.
  • A Holiday quest will be available at Crystal Lake on Carnival Island until the end of December (and probably a little longer) with a small bonus to ‘True Islanders’.
  • A daily fishing quest has been added with skills as rewards.
  • Yule Daudaormurs have been spotted in four locations to the south west, and they seem to have devoured massive amounts of Boars.
  • Forbidden fishing areas have been added. You have been warned.
  • Snow has fallen on parts of Carnival Island and a smaller racetrack in the ‘heart’ has been created for players to use for events or just to play in the snow. Use bumper cars for maximum ‘fun’.
  • A faster way to reach the Magical Forest is next to the Kamba teleporter.
  • Shepherd’s Beach also has a faster way to reach the micro estates and are placed next to the teleporter.


  • Minor adjustments to Lodestone Reach mining materials.
  • The Ancient Greece Vases have had their names shortened.
  • Revive added to Delphi teleport.
  • Vulcan drakes and Asterion, both lower maturities have increased density.
  • The bartenders at Crystal Peak now offer drinks.
  • The Papoo spawner near Crystal Peak has been disabled for now.
  • Paradise Landing has an ad screen and the teleporter has moved slightly and the same teleporter is now a default one.
  • People have stopped throwing their hats in the fishing lake.
  • The Wild Boar spawn has expanded north and driven the Chimeras to sea.
  • The Shark Pond (PvP) is more dense again.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Sweatbot.
  • The Ghostly Screechers in the Magical Forest are now shared loot.
  • The new player spawn should now not exclude any newborns from becoming ‘True Islanders’.
  • Bonerattle Cove now has all terminals.
  • The Holiday Cookie can now stack more than 10 at a time.
  • Some of the fishing timers have been lowered.
  • Loot has been adjusted in an effort to have the amounts of different crystals (mostly) more balanced. To be continued.