Release Notes: VU 17.12

Greetings all!

It’s update time, and as always it is an exciting and busy time. Below you can find our Patch Notes that outline all the changes that are taking place as part of the update. As always, should you notice any bugs, something that doesn’t seem right, or have suggestions - please make a post on this Forum or in our Discord server. Thank you all for supporting Next Island and we hope you enjoy!

New Content

  • A new quest chain for a new armor plate series begins at Sypherton Gardens

  • A new Loyalist V.I.P. house, located near the First-Wave Settlement TP. Speak to the NPC just outside to check if you’re worthy of entering or if you will need to explore more of Next Island first. Two new daily missions are available inside. Hunting and Crafting.
  • The crafting daily will offer new BPs as rewards, 5 clicks each
  • The PVP area in Ancient Greece has been reworked to be more conducive to both pvpers and miners
  • The centaur hunting area east of the Gorgon Wave has been reworked to be more conducive to hunters
  • Micro-estates have been added to the Shepherd’s beach area, and will be on the in game auction soon
  • All AG Hero estates now have a service center
  • A small gift for a certain Cat has been created

Corrections and Fixes

  • Some damage types have been adjusted on certain creatures
  • Spawn density for many of the mission related creatures has been increased
  • PVP has been removed from the ruins region
  • Loot has been adjusted, adding some much needed items to the system on NI/AG. This includes a variety of Mindforce loots
  • Ore drops have been removed from Molochs
  • A storage has been added to the Magical Forest Instance

Plates look dope. I tough it was a shield at first. Now we need a shield and a sword weapon.

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Yay!! Cat ears for our princess?

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The plates stats please?

:heart_eyes_cat: I want to say a big thank you to the Next Island dev team. I really wasn’t expecting anything and the team just left me speechless after receiving my cat’s ears. I really didn’t know what to say. They are puuurfect, I will wear them everywhere (of course). Over this last year I have received a lot of support from Next Island and the players here, so much so its overwhelming and I love it. The community here is the reason I play so thank you everyone for making it such a wonderful place to be. Now time to uncover more of this VU’s secrets.


Did you fix the ascension skyscraper skin?

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Yes :slight_smile: will update notes to reflect.

Nice, I can ride it now.

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