Release Notes: VU 17.13

Greetings all!

Time flies, it’s VU season again. As usual we have a lot of new things or changes coming, particularly many important bug fixes that the community has requested. Furthermore we have a couple of new quest related items that are certainly…unique :wink: .

As always - please report any bugs or issues you come across as soon as possible so we can fix them.


  • A new quest can be found at Sypherton Gardens with some life giving rewards…
  • A new V.I.P. area located at Tanzanite View.
  • Four new quests inside said V.I.P. area. Two hunting dailies, one mining quest and one weekly crafting quest.
  • A “new” mining area that needs to be unlocked via the mining quest above.
  • New decorations available as rewards for the weekly crafting quest.


  • The Magical Forest should now work correctly and not spike memory usage.
  • The fee for the entry to the Magical Forest has been adjusted.
  • “The Snowballer” is now UL.
  • The Moloch depth floors have been fixed so it doesn’t change how it looks depending on how you move.
  • LaraClaus can now be placed on floors.
  • The densities of several spawns have been adjusted.
  • The mini map has been updated.
  • The boss drakes should now count for the Codex.
  • Pets can now be spawned inside the Moloch Depths.
  • An apparition has appeared over the Gorgon wave area to punish those who try to cheat death.
  • Mobs should no longer get caught in the statues at the Gorgon wave.
  • Closing the reward window for the Multi-Faction Daily will no longer end the quest.
  • New Drake models that will make it possible to hunt them using melee weapons.


  • Solving an old Next Island mystery
  • Lost Shipwreck
  • Driving test
  • New clothes
  • Daily Crystal Hoarder Mission
  • Daily Drake Eradication
  • Daily Multi-Faction Mission
  • New Elysian Order Training
  • Daily Scouting Resources Mission
  • Daily Lesser Elysia Challenge
  • Daily Stalker Challenge
  • Magical Flowers
  • Magical Flower Bonus Challenge
  • Daily Crystalline Core Challenge

sound great :slight_smile:
nice job, now maybe i can unlock the VIP :stuck_out_tongue:

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Loving the flower repair terminal at the new VIP area. Awsome :slight_smile:

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Great update! Thank you.

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More quests and more dailies, nice!

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“An apparition has appeared”
Yes, apparitions often appear :sweat_smile:

More seriously, good job, and nice to see NI is alive ! More quests, more dailies, great !

Hello, for mission “Get Haruspex V.I.P. Status” - Shoes crafting needed, I tried 2 blueprints one is called Haruspex Voodoo Boots, and the other one is called Classic Ancient Greece shoes, none is counting towards completion… As the other 3 blueprints are all Haruspex and worked, I assume this is a bug?

I had the same problem, and I noticed that the (C) blueprints doesn’t count. May be this too ?
I tried Haruspex Forest Corset (F) Blueprint (L) and Haruspex Forest Corset (F,C) Blueprint (L) : it worked with the first one only.

If you wonder what Regina can give you.