Release Notes: VU 17.3

VU 17.3

Please see below our latest update to Next Island. As always, should you come across any bugs/issues as a result of this update, please make a report in the Bug Report category of the forum. Be sure to include as much information and relevant screenshots as possible.

We hope you enjoy this update and I look forward to seeing you in-game :blush:

This VU we have a lot of content for you. Here are a few highlights:

A new pet known as “Asclarius” is available to players! It is obtainable via the Asclarius quest, which can be accessed at an NPC named Perik, inside the Ancient Greece Orpheus Cave. The instance gate stands next to him. Complete the quest to gain the core that allows access to the instance. Beware, the Asclarius pet is difficult to tame, but helpful at looting things! Enjoy!

Grab one of our new L Skyripper vehicles and fly around, checking out Next Island and Ancient Greece with an unobstructed view and delightful mobility.

Hunt our Gorgon wave and loot the amazing unlimited armor plates, Serpent’s Scale. Upgrade them at NPC Militiades, along with your Gorgon armor.

Graduate as a Next Island disciple and try out our new disciple reward, a full set of UL Seeker armor!

We will continue to strive to provide meaningful, fun, and engaging content for you, each VU. Thank you so much for supporting Next Island, and Happy Hoffing!

New Content
  • Created a new PvP zone in the water
  • A new boss mob for the PvP shark spawn is here, known affectionately as the Megalodon.
  • New texture to match the Gorgon armor
  • The craftable Skyripper flying vehicle
  • A new instance for taming of our new pet, the Asclarius
  • A multi faction daily with various tailoring BPs (5 clicks each) as reward.
  • Can be started from Thebes Market/Oasis/Kamba/Sypherton Gardens/Tanzanite View/Crystal Peak
  • A quest to locate a sunken ship in Ancient Greece that starts in the harbor in the new player area
  • A quest chain for the New Elysian Order faction (N.E.O.) at Sypherton Gardens
  • A daily crafting quest for N.E.O. at Sypherton Gardens
  • A uniquely skinned mankini for the player who suggested this concept
  • A daily mining quest on Ancient Greece. The NPC is in a building in Thebes/Thebes Market area.
  • New clothing inspired by the Stel faction
  • New clothing (F) inspired by Ancient Greece
  • Disciple armor for NI graduates of the mentorship program
  • A full new selection of TT reskins
  • Some adjustments and rework of Caroline’s
  • A full suite of new Personal Legend Achievements for Next Island and Ancient Greece
  • Next Island’s first UL armor plates will be dropping from the Gorgon Wave. They are upgradeable via the Gorgon armor upgrade NPC, from normal plates, Serpent’s Scale all the way to Perfected Serpent’s Scale. They include a block chance, high impact and acid protection, and strong durability.
    Detail and decoration added, filling out some areas of Ancient Greece and Next Island
  • Finished design and build of two player estates for Alaina Bonnie Knight and Buzz Erik Lightyear. Congrats and thank you!!
  • The Daudaormur Texture UL has changed into (L)
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed the wood planks at Crystal Peak
  • Adjusted position of TP closest to Agamemnion Estate
  • Added several new revive points into Ancient Greece
  • Adjusted a variety of ores and enmatters, including gold and dark lysterium
  • Adjusted the PvP land zone in Ancient Greece, per player request
  • Adjusted drop rate of minotaur horns
  • Adjusted drop rate of Okenite
  • Adjusted drop rate of Tanzanite
  • Adjusted drop rate of Purpurite
  • Holes in the ground at the Gorgon wave area fixed
  • Papoo spawns on NI adjusted, per player request
  • Decay rate of clothing fixed
  • Augmented Gorgon armor recipe fixed
  • Fixed the order of armor trade ins for the Gorgon Armor
  • Adjusted respawn timing on Brontes in AG
  • Fixed issue lake area near PvP zone in Ancient Greece
  • Regen rate on Zeus lowered a bit
  • Fixed issue where clothing was listed in the incorrect category
  • Flower quest adjusted to be a bit easier
  • Reckoning blueprint model fixed for inventory
  • Block Chisel name fixed
  • Avatar position in the combat boat adjusted
  • Enslaved Daudaormur damage adjusted. Penetration removed
  • Fixed an issue where the Bikini/Mankini textures appeared faded
Known Issues
  • Phenacite crystal drop rate needs adjusting
  • Improved fang drop rate needs adjusting
  • Building in the middle of the Gorgon Wave event causes issues with mobs going unreachable and then disappearing
  • Zeus, Gorgon, and Gorgon’s Shade do not show what level they are
  • Particle effects look strange