Release Notes: VU 17.9

Please see below our latest update to Next Island. As always, should you come across any bugs/issues as a result of this update, please make a report in the Bug Report category of the forum. Be sure to include as much information and relevant screenshots as possible.

This VU has been a quieter update in terms of new content (usually the case with post-summer VU for us) but a number of important bug fixes have been implemented.

We hope you enjoy this update and I look forward to seeing you in-game :blush:


  • Patroclusia estate has been updated with a new layout.

Bug fixes:

  • Zeus has commanded turrets to be moved away from his vicinity.

  • As a result of pleasing the Gods, the teleporter at Rhodes has been returned.

  • You can now revive again at Troy.

  • The stalls in Ancient Greece will now function as proper shops, we have added 20IP to each AG stall as compensation for waiting.

  • The anti-gravity device around Crystal Peaks has been disabled, causing the stalls to be planted firmly on the ground again.

  • Turret outside the Gorgon Wave should no longer obscure the shop stalls.

  • Troy stalls have been moved slightly closer to the TP.

  • You can now buff up your Trojan and Hoplite armor with plates!

  • More particle effects have been pulled out of the 2 dimensional plane into our 3 dimensional setting (Improved Particle Effects).

  • You now start with Orpheus Cave Teleport unlocked when arriving on NI. This should prevent players from getting stuck in Ancient Greece.

  • The Ascension Strider now has a description.

  • Adjusted Desert Crawler Spawns.

  • The model in Conq’s Rest has been corrected.

  • All Gorgon upgrade item mission cooldowns are now removed.

  • Slightly adjusted terrain height in Moloch Depths.

  • Titan armor is now marked as “Rare”.

  • Fixed various spelling errors.

  • NPC’s in Thebes Market have been moved away from player stalls.

Actioned by MA:

  • Next Island planet model in space has been updated with a new texture.

glad to see the Troy booths were moved for a better consumer friendly spot