Patch Notes: 17.8.2

Please see below our latest patch to Next Island. As always, should you come across any bugs/issues as a result of this patch, please make a report in the Bug Report category of the forum. Be sure to include as much information and relevant screenshots as possible.

  • Placed Revive at Troy Teleport
  • Description added to Ghostly Screechers
  • Instead of being killed you will now be slapped away from the Moloch Dungeon gates if you are deemed to be unworthy.
  • Added more storage and crafting terminals in Conq’s Rest
  • Added 4 Stalls at Thebes Market, Gorgon Wave Area and Troy
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed terrain around the Crystal Peak stalls.
  • Some structures in Ancient Greece are now less “floaty”
  • Fixed Orpheus Cave Teleporter Next Island side (ongoing)
  • Scavenged Skyripper is now named correctly
  • You will no longer find yourself stuck in a tree after reviving inside the Magical Forest instance.
  • Corrected the max number of players inside the Magical Forest to 1
  • Corrected the Global level of Ghostly Screechers
  • Moloch HP has been increased to intended level
  • Trade Terminal in Moloch Depths instance is now correctly named and working
  • Moloch Depths instance timer is now set to 6hrs. This should now resolve any premature ejection…
  • Moloch Depth Autoloot is now turned off
Known Issues
  • Lots of fire outside Moloch Depths. Luckily it won’t hurt you, but may assault your eyes.