Release Notes VU 17.19.0


release 17.19.0

  • Increased density for a number of spawns. Highest levels of Drakes, Desert Crawlers, Arges low level, Centaurs, Portal Guardians (White Wastelands), Bullman (Sparta), Male Screechers (Screechers Hollow) and Brown Papoos (Serpentine).
  • Guest mob at the Wet Circle.
  • Ship Collision Site (event area) in AG has been removed for the moment due to it not working properly.
  • The area formerly known as the Ship Collision Site now has a safe zone on the east side of the ship, making it possible to swim or drive to the mainland without meeting any sharks.
  • Sweat bottle quest adjusted to make it possible to exit the last dialogue and click again without having to relog.
  • Some Teleporters in AG have been moved slightly to better fit the area. (Cylades, Pergamon, Abdera, Larissa and Knossos)
  • The small lake/river in the northern parts of the PvP4 area in AG has been smoothen a little bit to hopefully prevent getting stuck.
  • The TP at Serpentine has been replaced to prevent getting stuck under it. However, the easter egg is still there and has been extended…
  • Some trees have been removed in Hero’s Folly to make it smoother and as well the ground has been altered in some parts. The mobs are now all the highest level of that mob. (C.A.R.E., Female Screechers, Daudaormurs, Mutant Boars and Island Sharks) The “bonus” mobs are the same as before. (Giant L.A.R.A./Grey Papoo/Ghostly Screecher)
  • Kylon’s Blue/Lesser Elysia now shows the more correct BP icon.
  • There are now only Male Screechers at the top of Screechers Hollow. (The Female Stalkers are now fully settled in inside Heros’ Folly)
  • The revive at Sparta now offers free healing.
  • The holiday themes are gone from Crystal Peak and the Colosseum for this year. The hidden presents on Carnival Island are also gone, but might make a welcomed (read hated) return later this year.
  • Some estates (including the stable) used to show item points that did not really exist. They have now been removed from the sign posts so now only the actual points should show.
  • The Spawns closest to Sparta have been moved even closer and the turrets have as well been placed closer to the TP.
  • The turrets on Carnival Island that didn’t work effectively on longer range, now should. It does however depend on the mob level how far away it kills them.
  • The turret in White Wastelands now actually work.
  • A small mob spawn has been added to parts of the PvP4 area in AG. (the area is small, not the mob)
  • A couple of new ores/enmatters have been added to Lodestone/Orion’s/Wildlands.
  • The physical size of Jarassis and Jaws have been increased to make it more clear when they spawn. (Heros’ Folly)
  • A few light sources have been added to the Island Shark spawn in Hero’s Folly as well as smoothing out the ocean floor.
  • The almost naked lady (Tina) inside the Crystal Lake building (Carnival Island), can now offer that extra plushie for those that started the NI/Cyrene Crossover mission on NI. (Just make sure that you have the NI note and the Cyrene plushie in your inventory. They can’t be inside a storage unit)
  • The Beach Chair and the Beach Table are now listed under Furniture and not Decorations. The chairs can as well be sat on now.
  • Some of the NPCs at Thebes Market have been temporarily hidden to see if that will improve the lag issues in that area.
  • The daily quest to hunt Screechers now has the word “Male” in it to make it more clear.
  • The Magical Forest is again only inhabited by the smaller Ghostly Screechers. The Giant ones can only be found in Heros’ Folly.
  • The daily mining quest inside the Resa V.I.P. tent now says the correct reward values.
  • The “flowerport” at the wet circle has been moved slightly closer to the center.
  • The Portal Guardian spawns in the White Wastelands have been moved a little bit closer to the entrance/exit. And some adjustments have been made to the ground/trees to make it more clear where the different maturities start/end.
  • Zeus at Rhodes has been made into shared loot and has moved a tiny bit.
  • Some of the Screechers at Crystal Peak should be of a higher level now.
  • The turret in Heros’ Folly is now set to short range, meaning only a small area near the entrance is “safe”. It can’t reach the sharks.
  • A house (estate) was added next to Crystal Mountain Resort Lodge 1A to solve an issue with duplicate deeds. As such it will not be auctioned off but handed to the specific player to correct the issue.

I’ve got the 2nd plushie from the NI/Cyrene Crossover mission. Works perfectly! Thanks!! Great update!


Thank you. I prefer the Magic Forest instance without those Giant screechers. Well done.

With just the regular Ghostly Screechers, it’s much easier to use speed as a hunting strategy - especially if you don’t have cold protection.

Thumbs up.

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