Release Notes 17.22.0

New Content:

  • Introducing the ‘True Islanders’ program for players that choose Next Island as their starter planet. (In future we might present a light version of this for those that already started on another planet)
    See forum or website for the detailed post about this.
  • Halloweek is returning around the expected time with a mystery mission. True Islanders gets a slight bonus in rewards.
  • NPCs in three different V.I.P. locations have daily hunting quests that offer Armor(L) BPs(L) as rewards.
  • The Brown Papoos at Serpentine are sometimes visited by an eccentric cousin with a very specific interest. Hunt some and he may show up.
  • The wet circle sweat bottles have been busy and expanded the family to include Baby Bottle.
  • Two dailies for those that fancy fashion, starting somewhere on Carnival Island.
  • A new stable has been added near Touch Me2 on Carnival Island and at the same location a new taming daily. The Papoo spawn density behind the tent has been increased. Time to get whipping.
  • You can now find a lake on Carnival Island where you can do some relaxing/frustrating fishing. (Note: Rewards bought with the fishes include skill gain buffs. Buffs are being looked into as they may stop when you die. Player feedback and suggestions on rewards will be appreciated)
  • Don’t drink from abandoned glasses you happen to find on Carnival Island. (or do if you are a cheapskate drinker)
  • A TWEN Token Trader can be found at Paradise Landing.
  • The Next Island Development team now offer developer services relating to vanity items and estates. Detailed information is contained in a separate post on the forum and website.


  • The timer for Madame Cookie/The Restaurant/The Bartenders on Carnival Island have been removed and a cleansing flower has been added to Crystal Lake to remove temporary effects from drinks/food without the need to relog.
  • The helicopter near Crystal Bay has been slightly moved and has grown a few transport options for shoppers in the area.
  • A few ores/enmatters have been added to Lodestone Reach.
  • The paintings that are the rewards for the weekly ‘Oddity’ quest at the Haruspex V.I.P. have been replaced with new ones.
  • The revive on Carnival Island has been moved.
  • Sandboars now have a 50 PED global threshold.
  • Mutant Boars and Portal Guardians now count as Mutants and Robots.
  • The weights of Tech Chips and broken Tech Chips have been adjusted.
  • Some BPs that are not yet available have been removed from the Decoration/Furniture book.
  • The Drake bosses should now be included in Codex.
  • ‘Deliver us from the Dark Queen’ now alerts players that the estates are sold.
  • The quest ‘Meeting the Gods’ has been fixed so that it points to the correct waypoint when sent to talk to the Archon.
  • The quest ‘Distant Pasts’ now has a profession check before handing out the Falcata.
  • The ‘Hoarder’ rewards have been modified.
  • All Reaper(L) BPs are now correctly Tool Engineer.
  • Minotaur Horns BP(L) now stacks correctly.
  • The televator at Oasis Outlook has been moved slightly to prevent getting stuck on the way down.
  • The Bowtie (C) now shows M.
  • Above Pearl Cove there should now spawn more Village Boars Guardians.
  • The music on Carnival Island is lowered but might be adjusted further to be more in line with the default game music.
  • The Snow Drake Spawns near Draken Stand now has a smaller part just for the lowest levels.
  • There’s now a shortcut through the mountain from the starter area and to the west. There’s also a shortcut from Paradise Landing to the starter area. Only if you can find it.
  • The real life Legends challenges on the website have been removed for now but might come back later with some changes.
  • The Weekly Eir(L) BP(L) quests now start counting down when taking them just as the other weeklies do. The NPC moved slightly, to the turret.
  • Lodestone Reach now has terminals in the middle of the map.
  • The ‘Daily Maybe’ now offers a Haruspex Anti-Grav Chest (C) BP(L) as a possible reward.
  • Some trees have been removed in Heros’ Folly (Mutant Boar section) to prevent players/mobs getting stuck.
  • The Medal of Heroism is now tradeable.

Known Issues:

  • Fishing bug, “error code 14”. You might encounter this if you DC or log out while fishing. The quest will continue and finish as normal when you log back and stay at the lake/shore. This error will happen after that. A relog will make the quest available again.

oh, I predicted “baby bottle” yesterday, said going to feed baby bottle, Circe was like “what baby bottle?”, said for silver ticket

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Trying to find my old fishing rod in shelter…

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Haha I know, I was laughing pretty hard at it :smiley:


I hope the fishing rod item works for this somehow I have one too.

Any info on the Halloween mjssion?

If you mean the Fishing Rod from Calypso then no.
That’s a decorative item as far as I know and can’t be equipped.

There will not be any info about the Halloweek until after a few days of it being live which will happen roughly a week before Halloween.

Hello guys, my name is Angel Allanox Shadow and im new and count as true Islander now… with a magic flower :slight_smile:
I cant use my magic flower with any harness parts… becouse it removes it…
is this right so, or an bug?
I think, my magic flower should count as harness :slight_smile: best wishes Angel

Ps: should not count as harness… my flower :slight_smile:

Hi and wecome :slight_smile:
I thought it counted as a backpack or drake wings.
But I will ask about it so at least we will know if that is on purpose or not.
This game engine can be a bit difficult at times and hopefully when we get to unreal we can wear any combinations of outfits.

The flower do indeed work as a backpack.
I got some more info and the armor you had was the harrier?
It’s likely that it works differently than other armors.
I was testing the flower with the titan armor in test which worked fine.
So if you have the possibility, buy a harness from the TT or borrow one to test it.