Release Notes: VU 17.16

This VU is dedicated to the memory of David Post and has been an attempt to do things a little bit differently, focusing on coming together as players and simply having some fun.


  • An island in the southern parts has been found to be free from Demra influence. This discovery has led to the creation of a place where everyone can be together without any hostilities towards each other, regardless of what faction they belong to.
    They decided to call it Carnival Island.
    At the new Teleporter (when you’ve discovered it), talk to Dario for a starter mission.
  • Special craftable Carnival Tickets are used as currency on the island.
  • The Rollercoaster has found a new home, including fitting vehicles of various colors.
    (Only to be used on NI.) Two quests related to these are available at the track.
  • Carolines has also found a new home on the island. New bartenders have been hired.
  • The easily scared might want to avoid the haunted instance.
    In there you will find various shared loot mobs of different levels, and a few other goodies or baddies depending on where you step. All PvP. For up to 25 players.
    You will be in first person view at all times and a tip on how to pick up vehicles, “recall all vehicles” will return it to your inventory instead of to the storage.
  • A disco tent for when you need to shake it off. (This area uses strobe/flashing lights and may trigger seizures with photosensitive players.)
  • A fortune teller with infinite (not really) wisdom to share.
  • A restaurant with a view. Careful of the step
  • A special holiday quest to be taken at a later stage of this year.
  • A small zoo where you can have important conversations with the Next Island pets.
  • Two shopping tents where you can purchase Blueprints for new clothes and outfits.
  • A “Wet Circle” with a small Male Screecher in the middle.
  • A PvP tent with a small quest.
  • Minor spawns of the different Sharks of Next Island as well as the Papoos.(Shared loot.)
  • More harvestable trees in the area.
  • New music is being broadcasted on the Carnival Island, Carolines, and in the Disco Tent. The instance also has a few new tunes. (The volume is a little bit higher than the normal Next Island music so you all are aware and don’t fall off your chairs.)


  • The Loyalist Racetrack now works correctly all the times. Visible start and finish.
  • The Magical Forest now costs 1 flower, has a timer and allows up to 12 players.
  • The Moloch Depths now shows the timers correctly and have storages close by.
  • The Gallery now has a revive terminal.
  • The Gallery Walls can now be placed on the ground.
  • Refined Lepidocrosite Crystals can now be refined back to Lepidocrosite.
  • Serpentine Village has gotten some cosmetic changes.

Any update on the broken tech chip rig?

Not at this present moment I’m afraid.

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Thanks for reply. Update looks amazing! Can’t wait to log in and check out new Carnival area.

Teams allowed in Magical Forest!!?! Fantastic :slight_smile:

Warnings about haunted areas? Warnings about flashing disco lights? Count me in.

Looking forward to checking out all this new stuff!!

Thanks from all of us.


Furniture closer to walls is how you get stuck in walls.


A wonderful update. It’s a very nice new area and a wonderful way to remember David Post. Very nicely done NI dev team!


curious does this mean WP has been fixed? no more issues or there still issues there? So, happy the path and mound has been updated there makes such a different for consumers and the shop owners in the back. Glad this was finally addressed…

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My fav part of the event (although it’s hard to choose a fav part) is that you guys gave more uses for certain items that needed more uses. Well done!

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