Patch Notes 17.22.1

  • After some much needed maintenance, Orpheus’ Way Teleporter has returned!
  • The Papoo Wavespawners should now correctly spawn the Papoo King and not Salvador Papoo.
  • A flowerport added to Lodestone Reach as well as another sneaky one.
  • Fishing has been tweaked slightly regarding both the area but also the quests (mostly regarding texts)
  • Tech chips can now be refined to broken tech chips.
  • Baby bottle has been told off by its parents and lowered its demands.
  • Due to many requests (well one), you can now see all the Hoarders options in the tent.
  • The (unused) land areas have been removed from the map.
  • The carnival island revive has been moved again, but not far.
  • The Paint can BPs have or will shortly be removed from the crafting loot. (there is another way to find the paint cans now)

And said BPs are temporarily back into the tailoring/textiles book but will be removed from it in an upcoming VU and moved to the “Old” book. If you do not remove them before that time they can’t be accessed manually anymore. Can still be crafted though.