Release Notes 18.4.0

New Content:

  • Two NPCs at Thebes will assist those that did not have the choice to be born here but still wish to become ‘Islanders’. (The quest is open for everyone, including ‘True Islanders’)

  • A daily for hunting Grey Papoos is available at the Haruspex V.I.P.

  • Salvador Papoo has found a rival in Leonardo, Frida and Pablo Papoo.
    Two of which have found new areas for their gangs at Kamba. They have all developed their own paint cans and have discarded their old ones.
    Some of them have run straight into a painting on Carnival Island at Crystal Lake, and are currently enjoying a colorful life in ‘The Yell’ and offers new dailies for color crazy people.

  • There is another Forbidden Fishing Area, this time in Ancient Greece.

  • A ‘slightly’ delayed Easter will offer a special holiday quest on Carnival Island at Crystal Lake. (As usual with these seasonal quests, hints will be given after a few days if needed) ‘True Islanders’ gets slightly increased rewards.


  • The Grey Papoo spawn at Hunter’s Waterfall has increased slightly in size and density.
  • Some fees on Carnival Island have changed.
  • The Brown Papoo spawn at Serpentine has moved closer to the teleporter and is a little bit smaller than previously.
  • The Sweatbot has returned, more or less…
  • An attempt to have all teleporters available at all times, turned out to be more complicated than expected and time ran out before it could be (if possible at all) completed. The results at the moment are that from AG, you can go to NI but from NI you can only use it as before. The Gallery TPs are ‘special’ and can be used to also go to the Orpheus Cave and AG.
    It’s slightly confusing, but a work in progress. (And the reason we tried this was because the list only shows grey destinations with the new UI, so a new player will not be aware of what most players already know regarding the Orpheus Cave.)
  • All Blueprints that used to have refined crystals and unrefined ores/enmatter have been modified to match the rest of the Blueprints. (All crystals can be unrefined.)
  • Levels are now showing on Zeus and Gorgons Shade.
  • The C.A.R.E. spawn for the lowest levels have been resized and is now only on the west side of the river it previously crossed.
  • Ad screen added to Crystal Lake.
  • We are reviewing the shared loot mobs, and for this VU we are removing that from the Moloch, Hero’s Folly and White Wastelands instances. Be sure to hunt in a team if you don’t wish to solo the mobs inside.
  • Yule Daudaormurs have fled the scene since winter apparently is now gone.
  • The ‘Heart’ race track is feeling the spring coming.
  • Due to the Roller Coaster races being for some reason harder now, we have added a few seconds to both of them.
  • An error in the Oddity quest has been fixed.
  • People have stopped throwing their clothes into the fishing lake.
  • A few Vaseports have been added in Ancient Greece.
  • The starter refiner is no longer tradeable.
  • Terminals added to Spartan Training Grounds, on the bridge. The area has also increased in size, density and has been smoothen out.
  • Terminals were also added to the Collision Site on the upside down Trireme.
  • A couple of strange holes near a Cyclops spawn have been smoothen out.
  • Some flying trees have been grounded.
  • Trees and other vegetation at Bustamite have been reduced or removed.
  • The weight of NI textures have been reduced to the same as other textures.
  • Movement decay has been removed from the Ascension Skyripper.
  • Fishing shopping has become a little bit cheaper.
  • The two ‘Fashionista’ quests have been altered. A nerf and a skill choice.
  • Phony Tempest Pill has a different model.
  • The Fishing Lake has been smoothen a little bit to make it easier to harvest on the hills.
  • TWEN Vendor removed.
  • An extra platform is placed above the new player spawn to make it clear that you can’t land there right now.
  • Terminals added to the Forbidden Fishing Area.
  • A few easter eggs to discover.

Other info:

A few paint cans will be changed regarding value and levels in a patch.

We tried again to introduce another event area in AG, but we had problems when testing it and ran out of time to figure it out.

There might be a problem with the existing event area as well so we will run some test events as soon as possible and see if any of them work.

If they don’t, we will disable them.

And due to various issues with this VU, less testing has been made than normal, which could mean an increased number of bugs. Please report them as soon as possible so we can hopefully fix them in a patch.


I’ll add it here extra, the easter egg for the not yet activated quest are ONLY on Carnival Island

Looks I will come soon and try fishing for first time

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I’ll put some reported bugs here, so you have some idea.

One of the paint cans does not drop normally, Celadon.
A few quest text desriptions are off, even if the results are correct.
The paints have the wrong weight.