Release Notes: VU 17.2

VU 17.2

Please see below our latest update to Next Island. As always, should you come across any bugs/issues as a result of this update, please make a report in the Bug Report category of the forum. Be sure to include as much information and relevant screenshots as possible.

We hope you enjoy this update and I look forward to seeing you in-game :blush:

New Content
  • Placed a storage terminal in Orpheus Cave
  • Placed turrets around estate areas to prevent mob training
  • Some player owned estates have been built out to their specifications, while others are a work in progress
  • Craftable combat boat “Reckoning”
  • Craftable combat boat weapon, “Liberator”
  • Craftable, texturable, colorable clothing for both M and F avatars
  • 5 new craftable textures can be found on the planet
  • Player requested Next Island Mankini and Bikini
  • Lootable PVP zone with pyrite created in north west region of Ancient Greece
  • A new race quest located south of Paradise Landing
  • A new daily crafting quest located at Tanzanite View
  • A new daily hunting quest located south of Oasis Outlook
  • A new treasure hunt style quest located at Tanzanite View
Known Issues
  • Particle effects sometimes produce large squares or other graphical defects
  • Reckoning blueprint displays as a red cross
  • Mankini (C) and Bikini (C) are not Limited
  • Mankini not having a Blueprint book
  • Textures on the new customizable clothing can be faded despite it being 100%. This can be
  • corrected by applying 1 paint can of any color to the section and putting it to
  • full failure. This will make the texture show up properly without the color of the paint can
  • disrupting it.
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed an issue with onyx drop rate
  • Fixed an issue with quartz drop rate
  • Fixed an issue with thyroid oil drop rate
  • Adjusted ESI drop rate
  • Fixed an issue with various spawns of mobs were in the wrong areas
  • Adjusted daudaormur fang drop rate
  • Rebalanced loot lists for all of Ancient Greece mobs
  • Fixed an issue with LARA backpack not displaying properly
  • Rebalanced crafting portion of Mission Chain for the Gorgon’s Shade
  • Adjusted Gorgon’s Shade spawn parameters so that players only need to turn in the
  • quest items once in order to spawn the Gorgon’s Shade wave event whenever they want. Players will still need 20k sweat for each spawn
  • Adjusted Gorgon Wave event, reducing sweat requirement for spawn from 50k to 10k
  • Adjusted location of the box in “Deliver us from the Dark Queen” quest, so that players can find it easier
  • Adjusted all ores and enmatters so that quest specific mining is now easier
  • Added more areas where Next Island ores and enmatters can be found
  • Adjusted drop rate of drake scales of all types
  • Adjusted drop rate of cyclops wrist guard
  • Adjusted drop rate of minotaur horn
  • Fixed issue where some NI armor could not have armor plates attached
  • Adjusted Daudaormur “hitbox” areas to make for easier targeting
  • Fixed issue with light sources in some buildings
  • Adjusted teleports around Ancient Greece to create efficiency for getting in and out of AG
  • Fixed an issue where female set of Apocalypse armor was invisible
  • Fixed an issue where normal Gorgon parts were giving rare swirlies
  • Fixed an issue with a graphical hole above the cave leading to the Gorgon Wave area
  • Fixed issues with various texts and dialogues
  • Fixed an issue where Gorgon’s Shade quest was not tracking correct values
  • Adjusted various spawn densities and respawn rates per player request
  • Fixed an issue involving lag around some drake spawns where there was rainfall
  • Adjusted size of Gorgon and Gorgon’s Shade
  • Adjusted spawn of Screechers at Crystal Peak.