Deus Vults NI Races. Win prizes. Have fun. Show everyone what you are made of!

Where : Next Island, Teleporter : Vulcans Pass. -copy-> /wp [Next Island, 132984, 91594, 278, Deus Vult Race]

When : Sometime in DECEMBER for Xmas race at19:00 in-game time.

Vehicle of choice : Mk1 Explorer (L) ( to register for the race just spawn your car on the start line, its the car one get from finishing disciplining and join in-game channel [#deusvult], /j #deusvult to join the channel.)

How : FREE WARP from Calypso 14:00pm Saturday to Arkadia for SpecialSSI starts 15pm and ends 18pm and direct after that ends we provide another FREE WARP at 18:05 to Next Island so you will have plenty of time to get to the location of the race and do some training, you have to join in-game channel [#sf28] for warp, /J #sf28 to join the channel, or send a friend request to warp ship owner [Rawr66 Rawr66 Rawr66] and he will call you up at 14:00pm, DO NOT BE AFK or you will miss the warp.
Warp back 17:00pm Sunday with BIG IND Free Sunday Warp to either Arkadia Cyrene or Calypso.

its FREE and everyone can join, we have extra Mk1 Explorer (L) if you need a car (against a 12ped fee that u get back after the race when returning the vehicle)

Race prizes

1st [Perseus Gloves (F,L)] + [Perseus Harness (F,L)] + [Perseus Thigh Guards (F,L)] Low TT 15.44ped

2nd [Salafa G4 (L)]+[Shayeb S10 (L)]+4x[Mawlood Recruit Eagle (L)]

3rd 5 PED

Everyone who finish the race you get Participation prize -1ped[Oil]+ 1 Pet and a Free Haircut @ Calypso at /wp [Calypso, 60770, 86715, 126, Waypoint] Corinth West Hangar A#2 from Deus Vult member Kenji Ganzo Hiroshi, he is at +8 timezone

Rules :
#1 Only allowed to drive or run on the race track, if you accidentally drive out, get back to the road where you got out if possible
#2 Race starts after 10sec countdown with a blue firework
#3 No shortcuts allowed, if you do take or try to take a shortcut you are disqualified, You are allowed to run on the road.
#4 The race are 5 laps

SEE RACE LIVE HERE on Sarah Watson’s Twitch Stream

if you are interested about Deus Vult races we did last year on Arkadia here is a link to the forum where you can see some of the prizes and a video and also a new video from our first NI race, it starts 12min 51sec in to the video.

Good luck everyone !


:star_struck: I will come. fantastic the race

As long as nothing special happens ill also be there. Cool you are bringing this to NI :slight_smile:

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\o/ race day can’t wait. Good Luck all!!!


It was a lot of fun!
I’ll definitely race next time!

30 April Race on NI

Winners are 1st [Lucky Cro] 2nd [Scrappycoco] 3rd [Gozzy]

28 May Race on NI

Winners are 1st Sany SanySayuki Pearl 2nd Cat1000 3rd Flynn Kybo

Thank NI Socrates for making a highlight video

I came second root xD

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Good luck everyone on the race, I won’t be joining today but I’ll cheer from the sidelines

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30th July on NI at Vulcans pass

Winners are 1st TruePirate Pearl 2nd Major Frayking 3rd Goksel Prometheus

Next Race are 27th aug on NI

30th August on NI at Vulcans pass

Winners are 1st Georgiy Roobyroid Mamura 2nd Pollianna cat1000er Fairling 3rd Major Frayking

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24th September on NI at Vulcans pass

Winners are 1st Sanaullah Shadowzire Shah 2nd DD Lucky Cro 3rd Agent- Stefan- Xxvvv

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29th October on NI at Vulcans pass

Winners are 1st [Sky rtt1646 Solaris] 2nd [Georgiy Roobyroid Mamura] 3rd [Pollianna cat1000er Fairling]

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