Deus Vults NI Races. Win prizes. Have fun. Show everyone what you are made of!

Where : Next Island, Teleporter : Vulcans Pass. -copy-> /wp [Next Island, 132984, 91594, 278, Deus Vult Race]

When : Last Saturday in July at 19:00 in-game time, that’s the 30th July

Vehicle of choice : Mk1 Explorer (L) ( to register for the race just spawn your car on the start line, its the car one get from finishing disciplining and join in-game channel [#deusvult], /j #deusvult to join the channel.)

How : FREE WARP from Calypso 14:00pm Saturday to Arkadia for SpecialSSI starts 15pm and ends 18pm and direct after that ends we provide another FREE WARP at 18:05 to Next Island so you will have plenty of time to get to the location of the race and do some training, you have to join in-game channel [#sf28] for warp, /J #sf28 to join the channel, or send a friend request to warp ship owner [The Sleeping Sun] and he will call you up at 14:00pm, DO NOT BE AFK or you will miss the warp.
Warp back 17:00pm Sunday with BIG IND Free Sunday Warp to either Arkadia Cyrene or Calypso.

its FREE and everyone can join, we have extra Mk1 Explorer (L) if you need a car (against a 12ped fee that u get back after the race when returning the vehicle)

Race prizes




Everyone who finish the race you get Participation prize -1ped[Oil] + [Pet] + [Fanoos Medical V1 (L)] and Free Haircut @ Calypso at /wp [Calypso, 60770, 86715, 126, Waypoint] Corinth West Hangar A#2 from Deus Vult member Kenji Ganzo Hiroshi, he is at +8 timezone

Rules :
#1 Only allowed to drive or run on the race track, if you accidentally drive out, get back to the road where you got out if possible
#2 Race starts after 10sec countdown with a blue firework
#3 No shortcuts allowed, if you do take or try to take a shortcut you are disqualified, You are allowed to run on the road.
#4 The race are 5 laps

if you are interested about Deus Vult races we did last year on Arkadia here is a link to the forum where you can see some of the prizes and a video and also a new video from our first NI race, it starts 12min 51sec in to the video.

Good luck everyone !


:star_struck: I will come. fantastic the race

As long as nothing special happens ill also be there. Cool you are bringing this to NI :slight_smile:

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\o/ race day can’t wait. Good Luck all!!!


It was a lot of fun!
I’ll definitely race next time!

30 April Race on NI

Winners are 1st [Lucky Cro] 2nd [Scrappycoco] 3rd [Gozzy]

28 May Race on NI

Winners are 1st Cat1000 2nd Sany 3rd Flynn

Thank NI Socrates for making a highlight video

I came second root xD